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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Skincare Routine

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Been enjoying my vacay...well sort of. 

I am officially you could say unemployed.  

It sucks I know but there are actually a lot of things I am planning up so I decided to jump off the workforce for a while. I will go back full time for sure but for now I will be focusing my time on my blog, youtube channel and with my family. 

nuff' chit chat lets get on with today's post shall we? 

A lot of people actually comment a lot on my skin since it looks perfect daw - I partly believe it yet I disagree in a way. I believe because I maintain a good skin care regimen, but disagree because there is no such thing as a perfect skin.

Please refrain from the messy hair.

I had blemished skin a few years back. I had pimples on my cheeks and forehead.  I don't have pictures to prove it because I was so ashamed of what I looked like. I also had really oily skin and a not so good skin care regimen since I would only wash my face once a day and that is in the morning. 

But then I was advised one day to step a notch on my skin care routine since I was still young and I could still fix it, and so I did. I tried myriads of products on my skin and luckily almost all of them worked! 

I will share to you that next time though. These however are the skin care products that I have been using from 2013 till now. 

For cleanser, I have been using Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Energizing facial foam. I have used this since last year and I am definitely loving it. I am actually running out of this but I think I will have to skip it since I will be using a new product soon. 

Next to cleansing the face is to tone it in which my toner is eskinol classic white toner. I have used eskinol ever since I have started taking care of my skin. I does sting a bit sometimes but its okay. 

Next is my moisturizers. I use one for daytime and one for night time. 

My daytime moisturizer is VIP skin solutions. This moisturizer is quite thick in consistency thus I only use a little bit. I've also noticed that it gives my skin a matte finish which is great since it makes my skin less oily. Its also a great base when you are applying BB cream since it makes the skin smooth. 

For night time, I use Nivea Visage Sparkling white night care cream. 

This cream is much different from my day time cream since it acts more of like a regenerative cream so my skin could regain more energy.  

Now onto Essence or serum. I have started using this only last year too since I remember that as we age (ouch!) our skin needs more nutrients and vitamins so serums act more of like a booster to the skin. 

This one from avon is quite sticky if you over apply so one pump is just enough for the whole face. 

Next is Sunscreen. Honestly I am quite lazy when applying sunscreen to my face. But I only use this sunscreen when I am not applying any make up on my face that day since I the foundation and bb cream I usually use already has SPF on it. 

Like the serum that I use, This too tends to feel sticky if you apply too much so a small pea sized amount is just enough for my face. 

Lastly, eye cream. 

Honestly, when I was younger I didn't really cared for eye creams because 

1. Eyebags don't exist when I was young.
2. Laziness.

So far so good I have seen really nice results on my skin.

Yes. I admit, back then I was lazy in doing my skin care routine. Like who doesn't? If you are a working girl or a student most of your time would probably be focused on your job/school work.

But nowadays, I really put it on my list that I need to wash off the grime and grease of EDSA from my face at the end of the day unless I was Mt. Vesuvius to have a love child on my face the next day. 

Kidding aside, skincare is really important not just for me but for every one since if you like applying make up you should have a good base meaning good skin to show it. 

Also if you want to have good skin you also need to take care of it through proper exercise and eating healthy food. 

What does your skin care routine consist of? Make sure to comment below on the comment box! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


Anne Marie said... [Reply]

Hello! May I ask about the sunblock? Where did you buy that and how much? I'm currently relying on Maybelline's BB Stick for sun protection but it only has SPF 21..

You might want to try Human Nature's toners because they don't sting. I have combination skin and their Balancing Toner really works :)

Rattus Choki said... [Reply]

Me too, I started to use placenta cream last year lalo na sa neck area since my skin became very dry.

Alice Mate said... [Reply]

@Anne Marie Hi Anne Marie! I got mine at Avon last year pa..I'm not sure if its still available though :) I'm actually thinking of buying Human Nature's toner but I need to finish this one first :)) Thanks for dropping by!

Alice Mate said... [Reply]

@Rattus Choki Hi Rattus! I've also tried using placenta cream before and its really nice to use kaso iba yung effect saken after using since that time acne prone yung face ko parang ang shiny that time :D thanks for dropping by!

Sue said... [Reply]

I just cleanse my face twice a day using pond's facial wash and then apply pond's day cream. I really do not use lots of skin care products for i kinda have sensitive kind of skin. Since Summer is fast approaching, I think I need that sunscreen for protection too. Hope it is still available.

cris estacio said... [Reply]

I stopped using the Garnier na.. prang hnd na effective sken eh... Even the Eskinol Skin White. I'm currently using Herbal Himalayas Face Wash and scrub and Belo Essentials Hydrating Toner. But I might try ung AcnePro Toner ng Belo too.

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