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Friday, January 3, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Avon Limited Edition Palette

Happy Friday my lovelies! I am so hyped this 2014 that I actually waited the new year to share this to you girls! I know really bad of me but I think its better :D 

As of the moment, I am currently stocking up on palettes and tools I could use on my upcoming make up workshops and I think this one is definitely something I could use since its an all in one palette. 

I'm talking about Avon's Holiday Palette!

As you can see at the GIF its a foldable palette that contains 18 eye shadows, 18 lip glosses and three blushes. If you are a definite avon cosmetic user you would probably know that their blushes alone costs about 300PHP per color so look at the savings you will have if you purchase this! 

It was priced at about 699PHP on last month's brochure but regularly this would be priced at about 999PHP. Its a limited edition palette so I'm not sure if it still available with your Avon lady. 

If you unfold the palette, you can see purple bubbles! its quite cute because it reminds me of champagne bubbles only in purple! haha! weird thinking but you agree with me right? Also it comes with a free blush brush, eye shadow sponge and a tiny lip brush.

The whole palette actually seems really fit for every pinay skin tone - from the fairest to the morenas.

Most of the eye shadow ranges from semi shimmery to shimmery but is still quite pigmented even without primer.

If you notice the blushes are in pink, peach and an old rose color which is great if you have fair, medium or dark complexion.

I'm not much of a lip gloss girl as I said before but I am quite impressed with the lip glosses since a lot of them are quite pigmented if you use them on your own. Most shades are also great to use either for summer or cold season. The lip glosses also doesn't have a sticky finish to the lips and is quite wearable. 

Here are some of the swatches of the eye shadows.

First row of eye shadows.

Second row. Sorry its a blurry. :(

Third row.

Swatches of the blushes. Kinda redundant I know LOL

First Row of lip glosses. 

Second Row.

Third row. 

There are some misses to this palette. Although the blushes are great and very pigmented, most have glitter specks on them which is good but if you over apply the blush you might become a disco ball with it. Most of the lip glosses are great on its own but the shades are mostly good to use on a winter/fall setting in are dark shades. And for my opinion if I use this palette on mature skin, it would just enhance the client's fine lines since most shimmer eye shadow would get into the crevices of the fine lines in the eyes.

Over all I do like this palette. It is a little pricey but if you crunch in the numbers if you buy individual pieces it would actually be cheaper- just by the blush alone it would cost at about 900 PHP! 

I could recommend this palette to those that would like an all in one palette so it wouldn't be hard to bring along. I like that it is travel friendly and the color selection is great I just didn't really like that the lip gloss shades are mostly dark shades. 

Have you tried this palette? which is your favorite in this palette? 

Make sure to leave a comment below! 

Much love and happy weekend! 

xx Alice


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