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Monday, January 20, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Almay Pure Blends Eye shadow and Victoria's Secret Minerals Eye shadow

Hello lovelies happy Monday! 

Monday is the first day of the week so I will be starting it fresh with a review! For some reason I feel so pumped up - don't really know why but I will be making the most out of it. I will be posting more reviews AND make up tutorials soon so make sure to check back here ok? 

Since I work as a phone English teacher, yes, there is such a thing,  We are not really required to wear make up on a daily basis since most of my student don't see me. But you still have to look good right? 

Most of us here at work do wear make up on a daily basis as a way to boost our self confidence and look more presentable if we have surprise guest (parang production number lang ang peg LOL)

So usually I would sport a neutral eye make up with these two eye shadows. These were given to me by Dang of YellowApple Store.

Almay pure blends eye shadow 98.2% natural and is said to be hypoallergenic. I am no scientist but I remember that when it says hypoallergenic it means that it is safe for sensitive skin. I got the shade Ivory which is an iridescent skin tone color that will surely match fair to medium skin tones. This can also be used as a highlight since the eye shadow is on the shimmery side.

Packaging wise, I am not really a fan of paper based packaging since they would look messy in the long run no matter how careful you are in using the eye shadow. The packaging is quite light but messy looking and if not handled well, it might get ripped.

The pigmentation is nice, although on the shimmery side, it still is pigmented and good to use on a daily basis. I like that you can also use this as a highlighter on the brow bone and cupid's bow.  

Now on to the Victoria's Secret eye shadow. I actually saw this at their website one time when I was browsing for something I could ask my friend to buy for me when she goes back to the US. 

There is only one shade in the mineral eye shadow line which is Luxe. It is a taupe-ish brown shimmery eye shadow. 

One of the things I would really suggest when doing a day time make up is go with taupe since its easy to use, not too harsh for the eyes if you over apply, and it fits well with almost all skin tones! 

From the first time I saw this at the website till I received this I was awestruck - yes I am! Because the shade is just great to use for a day time smokey eye without the harshness. It is quite shimmery but still very pigmented so a little definitely goes a long way with this. 

The packaging is good, and quite sturdy but I wished they have other shades on this line since I think it would be a hit. 

Overall both eye shadows would be great to use for a day time look. If you like light and easy to use eye shadows these would actually come in handy. 

I will be posting a tutorial on this real soon so make sure to check back on my youtube channel for more updates ok?

Have a safe and wonderful week ahead lovelies! 

Much Love! 

xoxo Alice 


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