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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Kind of Partying at Vizio Bar

As a young professional, I know that most of us go out and have fun with either our colleagues or our friends to de-stress for a time. There are younger (ouch!) crowds that do the same just to be young - admit it I also did the same during my college days but those were the days that I was the one working the floor because I've worked as a band vocalist for a time. (good times...good times..)

But nowadays, most bars and clubs are just the same which is quite tiring. I am a regular on some spots in Tomas Morato in Timog and I can say that its getting quite tiring if you are just seeing the same things over and over even if you don't go on a daily basis. 

I do have a suggestion for those looking for a new place to hang out of a Friday...or Saturday night - Vizio Bar.

Vizio bar offers something more than just the regular clubbing experience. They offer entertainment. They have performances that can tickle the imagination.

The also serve both international and local beers and spirits. One of the things that Vizio boasts is their Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac that costs about 160,000PHP a bottle or 16,000 Php per shot that is only available at Vizio Bar and also their one of a kind blow job that has a dash of cinnamon in it.


They also offer food for those that would like to eat before partying the night away.

One of the highlights of the bar is their performances. I was in awe of the impersonators that impersonated Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and the likes. The ledge dancers were also something to look forward to since they also invite the party goes on stage to join in on the fun!

Entrance fee for this is 300 pesos from Mondays to Wednesday, 450 from Thursday to Saturday and 350 on Sundays. It is consumable for the drinks. 

Sippin' on some champagne!
One of the best things they offer is their VIP sections which costs at about 6000 pesos - also consumable. 

Vizio bar is really something to look forward to. I think I will be a regular here more..because the ambiance is great and the staff are fun. I don't go out a lot but when I find a great night spot I go back to it when I can. 

For more information about guest lists and reservations Like their Facebook page here and visit

Much Love and Have Fun!

xx Alice


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