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Monday, January 20, 2014

Do beauty bloggers REALLY have to wear make up all the time?

Being a beauty blogger, we are expected to be all primped up and dolled up all through out the day. We are expected to look to the nines like as if we woke up with it. 

I can't forget the first time a random girl I just met said to me "If your a beauty blogger why aren't you wearing make up now?"

At first I was appalled, but didn't show it since I don't want to offend her too. But personally, I think people are expecting too much from beauty bloggers nowadays. They think that just because we blog about make up, make up how to's and also things related to it mean that we have to look the part as well - I don't think so honey.

Getting all dolled up and primped up is fine at first but if you do it every single day - that is exhausting. Think of it this way, if you spend at least 10 minutes of your time every day to do your make up that would cost about three times as much as a beauty blogger can since most of us have a ceremony on it - I being one of them.

Regularly if I am not in a hurry it takes me 30 minutes of my time at home to get my make up done which consists of my skin care routine, make up prep, and also thinking what look I will be doing on that day. If I am in a hurry it would have to be squeezed to 10 minutes which usually ends in disaster since I would miss one thing.

I am not saying that everyone should loosen up to beauty bloggers but not to generalize us. Sure we like to get prettified once in a while but there are days that most of us just doesn't want to wear make up - not unless you need to especially if you are in the field where you really have to be all dolled up.

I am a strong believer that make up is used to enhance our natural beauty - not cover it up. So sometimes when I attend events I wear little to no make up since I want people to see ME - not my dolled up version.

I've also gotten mixed reactions to my thinking since its not the norm. Ladies there is no 'norm' in beauty blogging or blogging in general. Blogging is a way for us to express ourselves like what we do when we apply that BB cream or put on falsies.

As they say 'Different folks, Different strokes' so don't generalize every beauty blogger out there to look a certain way because each of us may be in one community but we are still individuals who think differently in some way.

I hope this helps in some way to understand our thinking.

Make sure to leave a comment below on what you think about this issue. I would love to see your thoughts about it.

Much Love!

xx Alice


Rattus Choki said... [Reply]

I with you dear. I think the same way: does a beauty blogger necessarily be have to be like a goddess to be a beauty blogger? That's the common reaction from people that really appals me, it's not about us, it's what we do.

Arrienne said... [Reply]

Wonderful point Alice! Thanks for sharing this! :)

Jocris Mangubat said... [Reply]

Correct! Beauty Blogger doesn't need to wear make up at all times.. duh! wearing make up for long hours is not good..tsk.tsk.!kaya hindi me nag mmake up ei..^^

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