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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Birthday Wishlist 2014

Hello again! 

I know this post is way overdue but what the hay right? Its still January and I think having a wish list for my 25th birthday isn't really a bad thing to have. 

First off I only have one material thing I would like to have this year while the rest are things that I am hoping to achieve maybe on my own this year. 

Let's start with the non- material things shall we?

1. I want to attend make up school. 

I have actually missed out on this since the slots on the institute I'm attending are full already but I hope that maybe in a couple of months I will be able to enroll again. I wish to attend those high-end schools for make up artistry but given my current situation I think it is way off my budget to attend these. But I am still hoping that someone with a kind heart can help me out with a scholarship perhaps? If they have one...

2. I wish for bigger space at home. 

I live in a nice house but because there are lots of people that live with us, so its quite a task for me to find space to shoot my tutorials. I usually shoot at night and I usually resort in using the kitchen thus seeing some house hold appliances in my video. That is why I wish for this year to have a bigger space that I could call my own. Thankfully maybe next month me and my mom would start renovating so I could use our den for that. 

And now let's move to the only material thing I hope to have for my birthday: A MAKE UP TRAIN CASE!

Yes! I know I already have one but I would like to have a professional make up train case. As a way for me to get ready for make up school and possibly have more make up gig opportunities in the future. 
Also for make up gigs for the upcoming Prom season you can contact me at 09062104758 or message me on my Facebook page for the rates. 
That's it! whew! I am getting older but not feeling it actually since I know that life is full of surprises and twists so I keep an eye open for adventure at all times! 
Much Love! 
xx Alice 


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