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Friday, January 24, 2014

Beauty Favorites 2013

I hate procrastinating but I can't help it sometimes. I spent most of my week scouring the internet for some ideas but ended up watching Salo, Frozen, and other films which I slightly regret. 

For today's post it would be all about my 2013 beauty product favorites. You might have probably seen the video version on my youtube channel so this is going to be a microscopic look on these pretty babies. 

You girls know that I don't wear make up all the time but there are times that I do and when that happens, most of these products are the ones that I reach out to the most. I mainly reach out for these because

1. They do the best job to make me pretty (yes!)

2. They make my make up application time cut in a fraction.

Here are some of my recommended products to try. If you have tried them make sure to leave a comment below on the comment box about your experience with it ayt?

Lez begin!

Let's start with the face products. These are the ones that I've tried and I can say really works for Filipina skin.

First is Maybelline's Clear Smooth shine free clear stick. Out of the three this one is really the best when I am in a hurry since I just have to swipe it in my face and blend it with my clean fingers and voila! done in about 2 minutes max!
It fits well with my skin and I don't need to top it with powder since its fit for oily skin. Check out my review of it here.

Next off is the Encara BB cream. I actually got this from Bing of Project Awesome's Meet and greet party last year and I was quite unsure since it has a yellow undertone which weird enough fits my skin tone! This came in second place since application with this is quite tedious but stays for quite a long time on my skin.

Another winning factor of this BB cream is its sweat proof since I was able to try it when I wore it before going to work - knowing the weather here in Manila is humid I would be sweating bullets minutes after I step out of the house. This BB cream didn't budge I tell you!

Check out my review here.

Third on the list is Avon's Ideal luminous invisible coverage liquid foundation. This came in third because of the shimmer in it. It actually comes off quite dewy in my skin. It doesn't last long and if you have oily skin you have to top this with powder to prevent caking. 

I still like this mainly because its a great foundation of you want to get that full coverage finish without packing too much to the skin. I usually use this when I go out at night since it makes my skin look oh so lovely. 

Check the review here.

A special mention in this category is the Garnier BB eye roll on. I mainly use this on days that I am in a hurry that I just want to cover my under eyes and make it look brighter.

The only down side to this is if you don't blend it well, it will settle on your fine lines - if you have any. It lasts for a good period time if you set it with powder. Check out the review here.

Now onto the eyes, I have actually used this palette about two to three weeks before 2013 ends but I still love it. It is Avon's Fold up palette!

The thing that made my like this palette to recommend it to you girls is the variety of the eye shadow colors and how easy it is to bring along! The blushes are are superb the only down side is the applicators, I don't actually use them because its quite small and its disposable and this is a limited edition, I hope Avon would make this a permanent stay since its a great palette, its actually much better than their previous palette. Check out my review about it here.

And with eye shadows, we wouldn't forget eye shadow and my favorite is Urban Decay's Eye shadow primer. This is my first primer I admit but it never fails me. It makes my eye shadows look more vibrant and also lessens the creases. Its quite pricey but its worth it if you ask me. Check out my review here.

Last on the eye department is my favorite mascara - Maybelline the Falsies mascara! 

I love this mainly because it holds the curl and makes my lashes visible! My lashes are quite thin and also them droop so I really have to curl them and make this visible. 

I also like that they made my lashes look like they have falsies on them, in which you would probably know I kinda detest those things because they are hard to apply. 

The only down side to this mascara is they are quite hard to remove so make sure to invest in a good oil-based make up remover and be patient in removing them. Aside from that I don't really have any problem with this mascara. Check out the review here.

Now onto the lipsticks! I am a lipstick hoarder lover. This year alone I was able to buy lipsticks that I am simultaneously using. Its quite hard but being a lippy lover you need to do that. 

The first one is Colour collections lipsticks. These are quite pricey but they are worth it. They are pigmented, long lasting and doesn't dry out the lips. I like the packaging as well since its small and fits perfectly in my small make up kit. 

The only downside for this lipstick is they come off their bases thus when you roll them down you have to push them down. Check my review on these lippies here.

Next off is Maybelline's Colorsensational lipstick. I initially got this because of the packaging. The other factor I love about this lipstick is its a really vibrant pink shade that doesn't wash out my skin tone. I've experienced looking washed out with some bright pink lippies but this didn't do it. 

It also lasts quite a long time and still wearable for day time. If you want to check it out you can check my review here.

Another winner in my lippies department is Avon's ultra glazewear lip gloss. I am not a lip gloss girl but I think this made me convert because the pigmentation is great and also it fits all skin tones! 

I especially love rich raspberry and tangerine gleam, the only down side is that it doesn't really last long given that it is a gloss, but still wearable alone if you ask me. Make sure to check the review of this here

And lastly, One of my most used products of 2013 is this lip and body balm from Victoria Secret. As I said I am not into coconut and vanilla scents since its too overwhelming for me but this just have that right mix which is absolutely phenomenal - even my co-workers like it! Special thanks to Dang of YellowApple store on Instagram for this! Also check out my review here.

Whew~! doing a long blog post is hard work but I will be doing these for sure! 

So...what products of 2013 have YOU been loving? Make sure to comment below ok? 

Much Love! 



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