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Friday, January 31, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Glory of New York Lipstick in 682

Happy Tuesday Gorgeous! 

As a lipstick hoarder lover, the continuous search for that good quality lipstick is still on my head. Whenever I pass by any make up counter or online store I would always think to mind about what shades I should buy the next time I would buy a lipstick. I still have TONS of unused one and this is one of them - The Glory of New York lipstick I got from Bing of Project Awesome's meet and greet party last year. 

I have used this a couple of times since I want to test this out so here goes.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Its Not Goodbye...Only See You Later.

I don't like to say goodbye because it reminds me of how I said it to my dad when he went away.

 Goodbyes for me are only appropriate if you are never going to see each other again. Goodbyes are somewhat a hard word for me to say formally.

Like what I am going to do.. I am saying goodbye to my job. Its hard because I really do love what I am doing. If you are an Online English teacher, you would know how I feel.

I know that sometimes I feel that I hate it but at the end of the day I would be reminded that there was one student out of all of them that made me smile by just saying a simple 'thank you teacher'

I never really thought that I would last 3 years in this company. I remember starting from scratch with my knowledge. I would just go with the flow. I didn't really have my own style of teaching, but the longer I was in the company I was able not just be a good teacher but also become a friend or older sister to my students. 

I think one thing I will miss besides my students are my co-workers. 

This is my second job, but I felt that this is not just a job with them around. Sure there may be times that there would be misunderstandings but through it all we are not just a team but a family.

I will miss you guys! 

It would not show but I am sad to leave you guys. In my 3 years in Saeha I have experienced a lot - may it be good or bad its still worth treasuring. 

One of the things that was asked to me A LOT this week was: What are you going to miss here?

Hmmmm....There are a lot actually. But I think I will miss the most is the people. The people are warm like a cup of coffee that you have in the morning. The people here are like the sun that could brighten up your day.

I don't consider my colleagues just colleagues - They are family. 

I may be going away but that doesn't mean I will be gone forever. Sabi ko nga babalik ako.. may kukunin pa kaya ako na final pay at clearance! Choz! LOL 

But kidding aside, I won't go away. I will always be around naman. But don't forget me ok? 

I will always love and cherish all the memories that we have Daekyo team...and also my other friends in Saeha! 

And also we could still chat...comment below nalang o email nyo ko :)

I love you Daekyo team! You guys will always be in my heart.


Friday, January 24, 2014

My First Ever MAC Product!

Happy Friday! 

There is always a time for a girl's life that she experiences her 'first'. It could be her first day to school, first date, first time to do things unexpected - anything basically! but for those who have a penchant for make up - like yours truly there will be a first time for sure. 

Like my first MAC make up! *fan girl scream* *faint*

Beauty Favorites 2013

I hate procrastinating but I can't help it sometimes. I spent most of my week scouring the internet for some ideas but ended up watching Salo, Frozen, and other films which I slightly regret. 

For today's post it would be all about my 2013 beauty product favorites. You might have probably seen the video version on my youtube channel so this is going to be a microscopic look on these pretty babies. 

You girls know that I don't wear make up all the time but there are times that I do and when that happens, most of these products are the ones that I reach out to the most. I mainly reach out for these because

1. They do the best job to make me pretty (yes!)

2. They make my make up application time cut in a fraction.

Here are some of my recommended products to try. If you have tried them make sure to leave a comment below on the comment box about your experience with it ayt?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Do beauty bloggers REALLY have to wear make up all the time?

Being a beauty blogger, we are expected to be all primped up and dolled up all through out the day. We are expected to look to the nines like as if we woke up with it. 

I can't forget the first time a random girl I just met said to me "If your a beauty blogger why aren't you wearing make up now?"

At first I was appalled, but didn't show it since I don't want to offend her too. But personally, I think people are expecting too much from beauty bloggers nowadays. They think that just because we blog about make up, make up how to's and also things related to it mean that we have to look the part as well - I don't think so honey.

Photoescape Reviews: Almay Pure Blends Eye shadow and Victoria's Secret Minerals Eye shadow

Hello lovelies happy Monday! 

Monday is the first day of the week so I will be starting it fresh with a review! For some reason I feel so pumped up - don't really know why but I will be making the most out of it. I will be posting more reviews AND make up tutorials soon so make sure to check back here ok? 

Since I work as a phone English teacher, yes, there is such a thing,  We are not really required to wear make up on a daily basis since most of my student don't see me. But you still have to look good right? 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Color of the year 2014: Radiant Orchid

Happy Thursday! 

Days fly by so fast don't you think? I know how it feels because I feel it too! 

Quite honestly I feel excited yet anxious about the end of the month since this would be the last month I would be working for the company I am in. Pretty hard to swallow but I need to move on in my life for better opportunities and adventures. 

Now that's settled why don't we talk about the color of the year? Like the flower orchid, this year's color is Radiant Orchid. It is a captivating harmony of the colors fuchsia,Purple and pink undertones. 

The color blooms for confidence and magical warmth that intrigues both the eyes and sparks the imagination.

Honestly, I like this color since purple is an intriguing color for me. I like the mystery the color gives out yet it could also be fun. 

I've already have some tutorials up to be posted on my beauty channel soon so make sure to drop by there. I will be posting them this week and next week as well. 

There will be one dedicated to this look and some fun and easy looks for this Prom season so make sure to drop by my beauty channel :) 

This post is quite short but I hope you find it entertaining. All your comments are highly appreciated so make sure to show some love below ok? 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Birthday Wishlist 2014

Hello again! 

I know this post is way overdue but what the hay right? Its still January and I think having a wish list for my 25th birthday isn't really a bad thing to have. 

First off I only have one material thing I would like to have this year while the rest are things that I am hoping to achieve maybe on my own this year. 

Let's start with the non- material things shall we?

1. I want to attend make up school. 

I have actually missed out on this since the slots on the institute I'm attending are full already but I hope that maybe in a couple of months I will be able to enroll again. I wish to attend those high-end schools for make up artistry but given my current situation I think it is way off my budget to attend these. But I am still hoping that someone with a kind heart can help me out with a scholarship perhaps? If they have one...

2. I wish for bigger space at home. 

I live in a nice house but because there are lots of people that live with us, so its quite a task for me to find space to shoot my tutorials. I usually shoot at night and I usually resort in using the kitchen thus seeing some house hold appliances in my video. That is why I wish for this year to have a bigger space that I could call my own. Thankfully maybe next month me and my mom would start renovating so I could use our den for that. 

And now let's move to the only material thing I hope to have for my birthday: A MAKE UP TRAIN CASE!

Yes! I know I already have one but I would like to have a professional make up train case. As a way for me to get ready for make up school and possibly have more make up gig opportunities in the future. 
Also for make up gigs for the upcoming Prom season you can contact me at 09062104758 or message me on my Facebook page for the rates. 
That's it! whew! I am getting older but not feeling it actually since I know that life is full of surprises and twists so I keep an eye open for adventure at all times! 
Much Love! 
xx Alice 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

American Eye Center gifts OFW heroes with a yuletide privilege

The Christmas season is all about the spirit of giving. And give is what the American Eye Center, the country’s leading eye care center, will do this Yuletide season. I know Christmas is already over but I think Christmas should be an everyday event. In line with its support of Filipinos working abroad, the American Eye Center is giving eligible Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs the ultimate gift with its Pamaskong Handog OFW Privilege Card through its Shangri-La and Greenbelt branches. 

With the OFW Privilege Card, kababayans can now secure eye health for themselves and for their dependents from anywhere in the world through discounts on diagnostics and treatments.

“The essence of the holidays is giving back to the community and American Eye Center does so by honoring our beloved OFWs. These modern day Filipino heroes deserve much recognition and we do that by offering quality eye care for them and the rest of their families through our exclusive OFW Privilege Card,” says American Eye Center’s COO Dr. Benjamin Cabrera.

American Eye Center offers the OFW Privilege Card to all overseas Filipino workers and their qualified dependents. The card is absolutely free and entitles the bearer to a 50 percent discount on comprehensive eye examinations and 15 percent discount for their dependents. The card also allows special 20 percent discount on cataract surgery, 15 percent discount on All Laser or Bladeless LASIK, and 10 percent off on diagnostic procedures.

The card also offers exclusive discounts at American Eye Center partner SPEX Optical. All OFW’s need to do is set an appointment and present valid overseas employment documents to avail of these unlimited discounts starting December 2013 to March 2014

American Eye Center has been breaking new ground in ophthalmic care since its establishment in 1995. American Eye Center’s level of excellence is backed by the Associated Eye Specialists, the most experienced and longest-running EyeMD group practice in the country, composed of 17 doctors extensively trained in various ophthalmic subspecialties. The Center is also staffed with highly qualified optometrists, nurses and counselors to provide patients with personalized quality eye care.  
American Eye Center is a full-service diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical eye facility fully accredited with the Department of Health and the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation. It houses the latest diagnostic equipment for the early detection and monitoring of all eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and Cataract.  

Its location in Greenbelt 5 in Makati City has a laser suite, an operating room, a recovery room, examining rooms, and a spacious reception area.  Clients can also choose from a wide array of elegant eyewear from SPEX, a world-class eye wear center adjacent to the American Eye Center and managed by The Optical Shop. 

The company’s main office is located at the level 5, Shangri-La Plaza, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. 

For inquiries and details, call tel. nos. 636-0762 or 729-EYES (3937) or email us at You may also visit for more information about the OFW Privilege Card.
Avail of American Eye Center’s OFW Privilege card and ensure a clear future for the entire family. Set an appointment today via phone or e-mail or through American Eye Center’s appointment planner available at their website. Always stay in the know by downloading the American Eye Center App available on iPhone, iPad, and on Android.

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Kind of Partying at Vizio Bar

As a young professional, I know that most of us go out and have fun with either our colleagues or our friends to de-stress for a time. There are younger (ouch!) crowds that do the same just to be young - admit it I also did the same during my college days but those were the days that I was the one working the floor because I've worked as a band vocalist for a time. (good times...good times..)

But nowadays, most bars and clubs are just the same which is quite tiring. I am a regular on some spots in Tomas Morato in Timog and I can say that its getting quite tiring if you are just seeing the same things over and over even if you don't go on a daily basis. 

I do have a suggestion for those looking for a new place to hang out of a Friday...or Saturday night - Vizio Bar.

Product Review: iColor Hair Dye Shampoo

Hello lovelies! 

Since the start of the year I told myself I will change my looks more and test things since I am not getting any younger so experimenting would definitely be on top of my list. 

With that I've actually started with my hair. I have already gone blonde although that was a little hard to maintain since I remember being told to go back after a number of weeks to have my roots done but never seem to do it because 

1. The salon I got it done was quite far from my place. 
2. Its still expensive
3. It would damage my hair tremendously

I still have qualms about getting my hair colored again professionally so I asked my mom if its much better if I color it myself - she said yes but gave me the low down on the things I have to do...remembering all those information was a toughie but I was able to get a simpler solution with it - this hair dye shampoo~ 

My mom discovered this actually and asked me to try it on my hair since she knows I need to cover up my ends ever since I got my hair cut my kind of looked like an ombre mess hall. The blonde half mixed with my natural light brown hair didn't really looked pleasing to the eyes so I gave iColor a try.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Product Review: Victoria's Secret Heavenly Eyes Palette

Hello lovelies and Happy Tuesday! 

I feel a little sluggish today..maybe because I didn't sleep last night? yeah.. that's what you get when you are super excited for your birthday LOL. 

But aside from that I am really happy to do another review on my blog. I will be doing a lot of reviews this January so make sure to check back! On today's review would be all about Victoria Secret's Heavenly Eyes palette.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

14 Resolutions for 2014

Admit it - you make resolutions every year but fail miserably. I sure do on some parts but I promised myself that this 2014 I will try to do all of the 14 things I want to achieve this year. 

From experience, I know that I've set a high expectation on myself when I come up with resolutions so this year I planned just to keep it simple and also plausible since why set high expectations if you can't reach them right? 

So here are some reachable resolutions for 2014. 

1. Lose at least 60 lbs.

Losing weight in really vague so I suggest make it more specific and set a goal weight. Honestly I was able to partly reach that goal but I was 60 lbs short so I would be making that up this 2014. 

2. Eat healthier. 

Healthy eating isn't really something that I am good at. But I will try more this 2014. If you want to do this as well try to reason with yourself every time you cook something. And also eating healthy is not just a solo journey so ask those around you to join you. 

3. Meet new people! 

I am actually shy when I am at events sometimes not unless I am with some one I know. That's why this 2014 I will try to introduce myself more to people. 

4. Travel More! 

I promised myself that I should try to travel more this 2014. Travelling is something that brings a smile to my face. Because to be a more well rounded person its best to see the world for your self. 

I have already set plans for my first adventure this 2014 and I told myself I will go on more this 2014!

5. Upload at least 3 videos a week! 

I procrastinate sometimes in making videos and sometimes I don't upload that often. But I told myself to be more consistent this 2014. I will try to upload more videos this 2014. I will to upload at least 2-3 videos per week. 

It may not get a lot of videos but at least I am consistent right? 

6. Go to Hair and Make up school and study! 

I have repeatedly pushed this idea aside for two years now but I think this 2014 is really the year that I have to push this idea into action. 

Hair and make up is one of my many passions so making it into a profession is a good thing. 

7. Mind my own business. 

I admit. I am a nosy person sometimes. So I promised myself to mind my own business especially if its an issue that I don't want to be part of. 

8. Read the bible more and attend Sunday Mass. 

I read the bible but I don't read it as much. And I fail miserably to attend Sunday Mass that is why I am telling myself to practice these more this 2014. I want to improve myself not just emotionally and physically but also spiritually because having a strong faith in Him is a great way to keep ones self level headed in life's journeys. 

9. Buy at least 3 gadgets! 

2013 was a good year, although I was able to obtain a new camera I think I need to step it up and buy more stuff to improve my blogging and video editing skills. 

10. Save more money!

Saving money is something I want to improve at. I promised myself this 2014 that I will save more money so I will be able to do those I want to do in life. 

11. Build my image more. 

Image building is quite important. I think I need to build that up more and I will focus on that for sure this 2014. 

12. Don't be afraid to be alone. 

Capricorns are known to be able to live a solitary life and don't have a problem with it but I've lived a life that isn't really a solitary so I will try to do that this year. 

Let's see if I can do a good job in being alone for a time. 

13. Live happiness, not look for it. 

I have heard this so many times and I think I need to follow that. Life is going to be tough if you look for happiness. It would be much better if you live a happy life and not look for it. 

14. Less Drama, Less Shit. 

Drama is inevitable, but you can prevent it. I think preventing to be in those situations will make life so much better so from me to you - live a drama free life to have a shit free life. 

Those are 14 resolutions for 2014! 

Most of them are quite easy to achieve while some may take some time but I hope these could help you. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Avon Limited Edition Palette

Happy Friday my lovelies! I am so hyped this 2014 that I actually waited the new year to share this to you girls! I know really bad of me but I think its better :D 

As of the moment, I am currently stocking up on palettes and tools I could use on my upcoming make up workshops and I think this one is definitely something I could use since its an all in one palette. 

I'm talking about Avon's Holiday Palette!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2013 Recap

2013 flew by real fast - an in real fast! I didn't thought that its going to be 2014 soon but it is. I know I am being redundant but you know me. 

And I just want to greet you my lovelies a very Happy New Year! *confetti* How was your New Year? Was it great? It was my first New Year that we didn't have firecrackers blown to bits this year but that's okay - less casualties the better.

So to start off the year let's do a recap of what happened to me this 2013 shall we? 

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