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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Know What's in store for the Year of the Wood Sheep 2015 with Master Hans Cua

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Hello everyone! 

First of all I would just like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! I can't believe its already December 24! I will be doing my year end post sometime before December 31 but before I do that I would just like to share to you guys one of the things I think most Filipinos or Chinese-Filipinos look forward to before the start of the year - The Predictions from each Chinese Zodiac! 

I am not Filipino-Chinese, Although I've been thought of one because I know a lot about Chinese culture and also can speak a little Chinese Mandarin but believe me I am 100% Pinoy. But still I would like to know what the future holds for us this 2015. Would you like to know as well? Read more to know about it. 

Making Christmas Celebrations More Joyful and Prosperous!

Growing up I knew for a fact that the Philippines has the longest Christmas celebrations in the world. Every Pinoy finds time, no matter where they are or what they are doing to be together with their family as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and share our loved ones the blessings that we have worked hard and received throughout this year. 

But do you think you can mix a little feng shui to Christmas? It is actually possible according to Psychic and Feng Shui expert, Master Hanz Cua because Feng Shui is all about bringing good chi or good cosmic energy into our life, In which Christmas is the perfect time for that! 

Here are some ways you can bring good Chi this festive season 

The Christmas Tree 

In Feng Shui, trees are generally a sign of abudance. With its green color it denotes wealth (hello dollars? haha!) And the evergreen tree that is commonly used, means affluence that lasts a long, long time. The tree should be tall, at least higher than the tallest person in the home as it signifies abundance. Of course make sure to decorate generously because the more colorful your tree is the more positive chi that you attract it. 


I remember putting faux gifts or like decorative boxes that we put under the Christmas tree just for show but I found out that doing that means zero abundance. So make sure that the gift boxes you put under your Christmas tree has something inside them. 

Christmas balls

When decorating using Christmas balls, Master Hanz advises that you follow the five element formula of Feng Shui by using all the five colors that represent each element which are Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, and Earth. 

Here are the colors for each element 

Fire: Red, Yellow, Orange, pink

Water: Blue and Purple

Metal: Gold and silver

Wood: Green

Earth: Crystal, stones

Bright lights

Lights in general symbolizes the yang energy. This makes people bubbly and more sociable because of its lively and vibrancy so meaning more light more joyful feelings for all. Christmas lights on the main door or front of the house beckon positive chi to come in. Parols that light up are particularly auspicious decor to hang on the eaves of your house and on the windows

Here are just some of the things you can do to bring in more prosperity this holiday season but of course the most important factor you would have is to think positive and be happy this Christmas and make sure to celebrate it with your loved one. 

For Personal Forecasts, Tarot card readings and Feng Shui consultation you can contact Master Hanz at Level 1 EDSA Shangri-la plaza Mandaluyong City, Philippines. 

You can also visit his website at 

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Aluform Pre-Fab Home is Fab!

Credits to Mami lariza :)

Have you checked out my post regarding my experience about my first Blogger's Christmas party? If not check here!

Credits to Mami lariza :)
The event was held at a modular home from Aluform. I was really fascinated with the house because we used less light and air conditioning because of its design. And if you have checked out my post prior to this, you would know it is my dream home just because of the windows. 

Here is the PR for everything you need to know about Aluform. 

Modular Homes can be stylish, energy-efficient and income-earning too

What comes to mind when you hear the word “pre-fab home”?

Bet you thought of soldiers’ barracks, temporary shelters or low-cost houses that the government put up for mass housing in the 60s and 70s.

Credits to Mami lariza :)
But prefabricated homes have come a long way. Whether its purpose is to be a family home, a vacation getaway, or a home that one can use for business, one can now find a trendy modular home to cherish and be proud of because it looks good and performs superbly as a dwelling unit too.

Pre-fab homes today are practically custom-built, beautifully designed, sturdy, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and ready to meet the challenges posed by the elements. Although built in quick time, no compromise has been made on its quality or integrity. New homes that use this fast and flexible building technique have also been hailed for using sustainable, recycled, low-energy materials and fixtures that result in functional, space-efficient, eco-friendly design.

Aluform PreFab Construction and Consultancy, makers of office buildings and technoparks, has brought stylish modular housing to the Philippines to meet the needs of young families, investment-seekers and upwardly mobile professionals on the lookout for homes that are ready for occupancy within a shorter waiting time. The modular dwellings are convenient to construct, flexible in terms of space usage and cost much less than a conventionally built home.

Credits to Mami lariza :)
Classy looking and stylish, Aluform Pre-Fabricated Homes come in two designs: Country and Zen. Both are airy, with their respective charm and appeal, are spacious and energy efficient, and make good use of available light and ventilation to lower energy bills by as much as 20%. The energy savings of up to 20% is due to good insulating roof and wall materials, plus sufficient air ventilation that keeps the stylish home in a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius zone at high noon!

The façade is made of wood-like planks of finished materials, while the actual panels are reinforced with pre-cast concrete filled with insulation materials for total thermal, moisture and acoustic protection. These give the homes their energy-saving properties.

Designed for both luxury and function, strategically placed windows and doors allow natural light to enter the home. The windows use a certified double-glazed system that insulates the house from external noise and other kinds of pollution. Louver features below the roof keep the ceiling well ventilated at all times.

The houses have a floor area of 135 square meters and have a multi-purpose Lanai, which is one of the best features of Aluform Pre-Fabricated Homes. The generous space opens up the
home investment to many possibilities. The lanai area can be used to make a bigger dining room, if desired, an entertainment area, a bigger garage. Or even to open up a business space like a home office, a mini grocery, barber shop, parlor, snack shop, kitchenette, or other enterprise that can make the home earn additional income for its owners. 

Built to withstand the elements, Aluform Pre-Fabricated Homes are easier to put up than conventional on-site constructions. One can have a home built in 60 days or less that is immediately livable because furnishings are already in place within that period. Highly versatile, they are also good for export and are transferrable to other locations in the future, if desired.

“Aluform Pre-Fab Homes are highly desirable during these times when more and more families and individuals lead an active lifestyle and are discovering their entrepreneurial spirit. They can be lived in as simple residences, but can also make good home offices or the site of income generating ventures. Enterprising owners can make them places where they can “live and earn”. There are infinite possibilities,” says Ritchie Catalan, Marketing Officer of Aluform Industries, Inc.

Aluform Industries, Inc. supplies the materials for the homes but would-be owners can engage their own contractors if preferred. They can also avail of Aluform’s services for the house construction.

For more information and dealership inquiries, call (0917) 828-8189 and (0917) 891-1088. Or email

Much Love! 

xx Alice

My First Blogger's Christmas Party!

Last December 13 I was able to experience my very first Christmas party with some bloggers who are under Filipino Bloggers Network! 

I wasn't really expecting anything because it was just like a chill out with other bloggers that some I have just met that day although we are under one network. Bloggers in Manila have really expanded that most of us are surprised at how many came despite the not so good weather and heavy traffic that we experienced going to the event. 

Our small get together was held at a unit model of Aluform Pre-fab home which I will share to you on a different post. One thing I can say is that the venue was really just like a clubhouse in a subdivision. It was really spacious and homey. 

Another thing I liked about Aluform's Pre-fab model unit is it has the perfect place to shoot a video! I know quite shallow if you ask me but I can't help thinking of having one of these and just occupying one room solely to film videos and not have a care about the lighting because the windows are so big. 

#YoutubersDream LOL 


What is my job in the party was to help out pack the loot bag for the other bloggers with my friend Zheyme! we had some goodies given to us by Lamoiyan and Light water. There was also some Oreos and Tang! I actually didn't expect a loot bag since it was just a chill out with other bloggers but it was really nice of the organizers to give us these treats. 

And of course since it a Christmas Party there will be the never-ending party games! I wasn't able to join because I was very busy with helping out but as I say it in Korean 괜찮아요 (It's fine) 
Credits to the owner :)

Speaking of party, I forgot to mention the food! I wasn't able to eat much but there were a lot of food that was provided to us by our generous sponsors! There was even a lechon. One of my favorites - which was Amber's Pansit Malabon and also their Pichi Pichi was present in our spread. 

Credits to the owner :)

Overall, We all had a great time! There was lots of food, games, prizes but the most important factor is we were able to meet up and get to know each other. 

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors for making our simple get together really nice. 

Credits to the owner :)

And also to Filipino Bloggers Network for being so warm in making my first Blogger's Christmas party a blast! hope to see you guys next year! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Monday, December 22, 2014

Reasons Why SM Pampanga is AWESOME

 One of the malls that I go to a lot is SM. It may be SM North, SM mall of asia, or SM Cubao I still go to one because as their slogan goes they have it all for you. 

One of the things I like about SM malls is that they really do have it all.

From getting your movie fix to spending time with the kids SM definitely have it all. 

One of the places that I usually go to SM is their Cyberzone. I do love make up, clothes and shoes but checking out the latest gadgets out in the market is something I like more since I grew up that way. 

And one of the malls that I was really surprised to check out is SM Pampanga. Compared to the ones in Manila, Pampanga is definitely the longest mall in the Philippines! 

SM Pampanga has a total building length of 688 meters with a total gross floor area od 128,089 square meters. 

Imagine that to be a runway? 

Definitely one of the most unique if you ask me! 

100 models from Manila and Pampanga joined this event in which there will be stations they will feature the brands they are wearing. The coolest idea about this fashion show is that they mostly feature creations from an upcoming line of the participating brands. Some of the brands are Uniqlo, Lhasa, and lots more. 

The whole event was EPIC because people were following the models at each stop taking pictures and cheering them on. It was crazy yet fun because this is the first time I've seen that a fashion show is so near to the audience that they can just strut their stuff besides the models and have fun making the mall their runway as well. 

At each stop there was a small program like local singers, DJ Ace Ramos and home grown DJ Kevin bringing on the beats. There was even a dance number! 

And while we are at the subject of SM Pampanga being awesome did you guys know that they just opened a Sky Ranch in Pampanga? 

I actually can't pass up the opportunity to check it out for myself and my blogger friends.

The Sky Ranch Pampanga is on a 10,000 Square meter land of SM City Pampanga. It is located just at the side of SM Pampanga and one of the first things you will see is the Pampanga Eye or the Big Wheel. 

Being the tallest and biggest in the Philippines, given its 65 meters in height and 50 meters in diameter. The Pampanga Eye is composed of 32 air-conditioned gondolas that can accommodate up to 128 persons per cycle.

Another one is the double decker carousel. Designed by Peter Petz Productions of Germany, this has a very classic and magical feel to it because of the design and its something that everyone remembers from childhood. 

Here are the list of the other rides Sky Ranch Pampanga offers!

- The Big Wheel 
- Loop Roller Coaster
- Octopus Ride
- Space Shuttle
- Bumper Boat
- Canoe Ride
- Convoy Tours
- Field Runner
- Super Viking
- Dream Log
- Music Express
- Express Train
- Mini Viking
- Gear Shift
- Drop Tower
- Kangaroo Jump
- Walk on Water
- Sky Cruiser
- Bungee Jump
- Wonder Flight

Check out SM Pampanga and also Sky Ranch Pampanga if ever you drop by Pampanga soon! Sky Ranch is definitely something worth checking out!

Much Love!

xx Alice

Monday, December 8, 2014

Madfest 2014 Featuring Kimbra!

Hey guys! 

Really sorry if I have been lacking up in my posts recently. Our Internet is the culprit. And I would just have to report this to our Internet Service Provider soon because to be honest I am starting to boil up each time I have to reset or troubleshoot our modem. 

Enough about that lets more positive topics like the recent Mad Fest 2014!

I am really fortunate enough to be invited on their Press conference at Aracama last Wednesday. 

Jack TV brings a gathering of arts, music, and culture to one stage that surely made a memorable mark this 2014. Jack TV's Mad fest is a festival full of so much fun that their attendees will keep coming back for more. 

This year was surely the best there is because they brought along a mix of local and also international flavor in the stage with the likes of Urbandub, Kjwan, Sandwich and Imago just to name a few local acts. 

Other local acts is from our own Filipino dancers from Team Vibe, which is a world class group of dancers who mixes various genres like Hip hop, comtemporary jazz and ballet. 

And of course the international act that I am talking about is Kimbra! 

When we were at the Press conference I can't help but be amazed at her because at 24 she has achieved a lot. Some of which is when she won a Grammy for Record of the year and best pop Duo/group performance for the song "Somebody I used to know" with Gotye back in 2013. 

Mad Fest 2014 was such a hit with all of this and so much more. I wasn't able to take pictures during Mad Fest 2014 because I forgot my camera at home. 

My Bad. ~.~

But I really enjoyed Mad Fest 2014 and I can't wait for 2015 for sure! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Begin your Christmas Shopping with Tutuban Center

As the breeze gets colder, aside from the upcoming typhoon here in Manila, The weather does make it feel that Christmas is really near. 

I have really fond memories of Christmas shopping with my mom. One memory that I can't forget is when we go shopping at Tutuban Center. Honestly, I always go away from my mom but usually she doesn't worry because she knows where to find me if she doesn't see me. 

As the crowds get thicker, you would definitely say Christmas is really near! With all the sale and bazaars going on I would say that Tutuban is the best place to get the best deals when you are shopping for gifts for your loved one. 

Being one of the country's most popular shopping destinations for all occasions, especially now that its the holiday season where there is a huge increase in their customers due to the Christmas sale, Tutuban Center formally started their Yultide season with a special Christmas lighting ceremony that was held last November 30 at their open area.

The event was packed with people that want to see the performers and also win some prizes from Tutuban Center since they had their Bonifacio Sale raffle.

According to Ms. Sylvia Tecson, VP for Leasing and Marketing for Tutuban Properties Inc. says that the event is a simple way of spreading joy and good cheer to their dear shoppers.

There was also a choral competition in which the winning group won 10,000 pesos for their winning piece. I can just imagine how their Christmas will be a great one with the money they won.

Aside from the performers and prizes, Benj Alves also graced the event to also be part of the Christmas Tree Lighting. He was really game with the crowd singing with him.

 And also Santa is part of the lighting as well!

After the lighting, there was a fireworks display that wowed the crowd!

I am really thankful to be part of this festive event by Tutuban Center.

If you want to experience a colorful and exciting Yuletide shopping this Christmas season make sure to drop by Tutuban Center to get great prices for your Christmas gifts!

Much Love!

xx Alice

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Limitless Possibilities Facial Wash

Hey guys! I am back with a new review! 

I haven't done a review post in a while because...well.. I've been terriby busy but I promise I will do more of these! 

Meet my no make face! and my new friend Chris :))

Nowadays the weather has been colder and to be honest I hate the cold wind. Usually when the weather is cold my oil slick of a skin tends to dry up fast and the worst thing is if I use my facial wash with it my face would just dry up faster. It is really recommended that we change our facial wash if the weather changes because there is a very scientific explanation to that and 

Thankfully I have one facial wash that I can swear by made my skin so much better! It is the Limitless Possibilities Facial Wash! 

I love that this facial wash is made with natural ingredients such as Bilberry extract, Sugar cane extract, Sugar Maple extract, Orange and Lemon extact.

And if you are wandering what these ingredients are and what they do to the skin here you go!

Bilberry extract - It is a hardy dwart shrub closely related to the blueberry. It contains anti oxidants for the skin to protect itself from free radicals caused by stress and the environment.

Sugar Cane extract - Sugar cane has Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA that fights acne, reduces blemishes, prevents ageing and also keeps the skin hydrated.

Sugar Maple Extract - Like sugar cane, it also has AHA that also help fight free radicals to the skin to prevent ageing.

Lemon and Orange extract - Lemons and oranges are part of the citrus family in which both are commonly used to reduce blemishes, dark spots. It is also a great aid to get rid of pigmentation to the skin because of its bleaching and clarifying effects to the skin.

It is retailed at 300 pesos for a 150 mL pump up bottle. It has a fresh citrus scent that makes it a great jump start of the day when I wash my face. It has a water/gel like consistency so a little goes a long way. 

Its also very easy to use! Here are the steps. 

1. Wet the face
2. Get at least 2-3 pumps of the facial wash
3. Lather on the face for about 1 minute 
4. Wash off all the product

Its that easy! 

It doesn't dry out nor give my face some face demons so I really like it. Another thing I love about this product is that it is truly and proudly made in the Philippines! 

I would really recommend this product to you guys! 

This product really makes my face go the extra mile with the limitless possibilities of make up looks and even going out bare faced! I truly love it!

If you want to know more about Limitless Possibilities and their other products make sure to visit their Facebook page for more info!

Have you tried Limitless Possibilities? 

Share your experience on the comments section! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 
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