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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Photoescape Reviews: Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss

Hey lovelies! happy Saturday! I hope you are having a great Saturday so far. 

Usually I don't like using lipglosses since they don't last long and the pigmentation doesn't really show up if I would opt for one. 

Luckily while I was browsing through the interweb I saw a review from Shen's Addiction about this and thought about giving it a try just for fun. 

According to my friend that is an Avon lady, this is actually a relaunched product since Avon reformulated it using True Color Technology. True Color Technology is a new technology shows its effectiveness in its rich, lush, and vibrant finish. There are five available shades which are Pink Watermenlon, Mauve Movement, Tangerine Gleam, Rich Raspberry, and Fiery Red. All of which are perfect for the Filipina skin whether you are fair skinned, olive skin or on the darker side they have a shade perfect for you. 

Retailed at 299PHP each, this is quite more on the mid range price range for girls. I only opted to try three of the shades so I won't be overwhelmed with how many to try. 

The packaging of the lip gloss for me can be described in three words: Sleek, Sophisticated, Simple. 

I like that its sleek and doesn't have funky designs into it since most Avon products focus more on the yuppies/working girl class which brings us to the second word which is Sophisticated, I like that it looks sophisticated also with its color selections. The third one which is Simple is what I like the most since I don't want my products to be something I get confused in using. It has a doe applicator in which is good to reach into those hard to reach crevasses of the lips.

Noow let's move on the colors ok?

Mauve Movement. 

Mauve movement is the run of the mill pink/nude shade which is great to use for a daytime office look. You can also opt to use it for a night time look paired with those smokey eyes look. At first this lipgloss was the one I pick up more since its workable for me, its basically my LCBLMB (lip-color-but-looks-much-better) shade. Even without lipstick, I opt to use this a lot. 

Rich Raspberry. 

Rich Raspberry is definitely more of a pop of color shade in that neutral look. It has a bright red-pink shade that gives a little oomph to the lips. Definitely perfect for a weekend out look with your friends or with that special someone. I opted to use this on days that I need a pop of color to my day, and it definitely did give that pop! :) 

Tangerine Gleam. 

Tangerine Gleam is that orange lipgloss most girl would stir away from - including me. But the more I use this I was actually impressed that even though it has that orange tint, it still looks a bit red. Definitely perfect if you want to stand out a bit more in the crowd on a party or night out. 

In all of the colors I featured, I was definitely pulled more to use RICH RASPBERRY, I like bright pink hues which are quite loud but still subtle enough to use for everyday. The runner up is MAUVE MOVEMENT since its my typical shade while third contender is TANGERINE GLEAM since as of the moment, I haven't really used it. 

One thing I like about these is that they are quite pigmented that even if you use it alone, the pigments are quite nice. They are not sticky no matter how many layers you put which is great since it doesn't feel nice to the lips when you smack them. 

One thing I don't really like about it is the lip gloss doesn't last long especially when you will be drinking or eating a lot while wearing this. It still has a tint into it though which was nice since touch ups would just be at a minimal. 

Overall this is a good lip gloss to use even to someone that doesn't like them. Application is a breeze, color pigmentation is great, price is just right and also touch ups are only at a minimal. 

Have you tried this lip gloss? What do you think about it? 

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Much Love! 

xx Alice


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