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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On Drama and Cat Fights

I've always been asked what do I think about the blogging community in general here in the Philippines. In all honesty, I am friends with most bloggers, youtubers, and personalities in different niches alike but aside from that I don't really like dishing out the things that happen beyond the events, videos, and other social networks because that is not really my business.

But with all the issues that is arising I think I need to take a stand into this. I will not side with anyone in the issues regarding this since I am only an observer and I am just stating what I've seen so here goes. 

1. 'Stealing of Ideas'

If you know the people involved with this issue, you would probably know when this has started. The main source of this is from a blog post saying that another personality stole her friend's idea and then after that their 'feud' has become more apparent. 

I don't want to judge since I haven't heard the WHOLE story, but I know that stealing is bad. But sometimes when the opportunity for an idea flourished with two persons its just a matter of who will start pushing that idea to prosper. 

I have been accused to this as well before but all I can say is most people that are in the same industry will have the same ideas go through their heads. Some might choose to pursue it, some might choose to leave it be then some would just opt for the next best thing. I am not entirely cool by this issue, but the whole fact that other people that are not initially involved have started to meddle with it just makes it much messier. 

The thing that we have to remember is that its much better to keep these kinds of things to you and the other person/s involved because it would not just make your side look bad but also the other person involved. 

2. 'Loot Bag Bloggers'

I have been a blogger for about 3 years now but I have just started attending events about two years ago and I was shocked that there are such people. I know most of them, but I will not tell who they are because I am not in the position to tell them what they are doing it wrong. 

I know what they are doing is wrong. Because not only is their name become tainted with being given such name, but also bloggers such as myself become tagged this! 

When I attend an event, I don't expect for a loot bag, I expect for a Press Release kit or PR kit since that can help me more on what the event is all about. Loot bags or Tokens are only a way to say thank you of the PR Managers that has invited you to the event. 

It wouldn't cost you the amount of time, transportation money or whatnot to get a piece of eco bag that has a tumbler, a pen and a notebook to hoard - not a good thing either for your ego too my dear. 

3. 'Event Lagaristas'

Getting invited for events is such a great thing to think because you get to experience or see a launching of a brand before any one else, but the idea of doing that maybe five times a day - in different locations might I say is not something I would opt to do. 

I work from 2pm-11pm - that doesn't really give me a lot of freedom to attend events and also my daily routine gets messed up if I do attend one. Even though I receive invites, I try to check through my schedule if I can fit that in because I don't get paid writing in my blog  so it would be a problem for my wallet to do so. 

I just don't get the idea why other bloggers would do that, to the point that they leave the event earlier to go to the next event. For me its quite rude since the PR managers would really wish that you finish the event and also its quite tiresome because most locations of the events are from my each other. Think of it this way: Event 1 is in Makati that starts at 2pm while Event number 2 is in Mall of Asia and it would start at about 3pm - look at how much time you will have to stay at the first event...about an hour? Most events last for about 3 hours depending on what kind that is. I just don't get it why they do it? To get freebies? To get free food? why? 

4. 'Pointing fingers'

In every issue that I've mentioned above, there will be the evident pointing fingers portion. Its posted all over the social media groups I am part of! 

Most people would point fingers who is the person involved and should be blamed or who was the 'kapal mukang' blogger who dragged along his/her other friends to the event and so much more.

Pointing fingers would not go anywhere so just stop it. I don't like how much people would point their finger and be all I'm-a-perfect-blogger image. That is just BS if you ask me. The only way you could stop this is just shut your trap and talk directly to that person involved so the issue would not blow in proportions.

In reality, we may not stop these happening since everyone has that 'itch' that needs to be scratched by either pointing fingers, gossiping and the likes. How can the blogging community be a good place for the younger generation when their seniors are acting like highschool girls looking for drama?

I just hope that this blogpost would be read by everyone to see how much impact it would be even to those that are only observers on their online tirade of nasty rumors, gossips and back stabbing.

Blogging should be something that we do for clean fun. Sure most of us get paid doing it but that doesn't give them the opportunity to act all high and mighty to those that do this for fun right? Let's just all get along ok?

Because all the BS is making me sick to my stomach that it actually made me lose my drive to write more than I used to.

Please lang itigil na naten ang away, it won't benefit you or the other person, it would just make you worst than you thought you were.

xx Alice


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