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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 2013 Gift Ideas

Hello ladies!

Christmas is about a couple of days away and I am super excited for it! Mainly because I like Christmas and secondly its just weeks away before I turn 25! 

Some are excited for Christmas just because of the myriads of parties and get together that flock the metro - Personally I feel swamped just by looking at my planner of all the gigs and parties I will be attending (and hosting) soon! I will definitely tell you all about that in my other post. 

Since it is Christmas time I know that most of you are also slumped with ideas what to give to your co-workers, pamangkins, friends and our love ones so I will be sharing to you some gift ideas that you can buy for those special people in your life. 

To you coffee buddy at work: A Self Stirring mug.
I am a coffee addict. I really am, and during Christmas the most common gift I get is a mug. I know that its passe to give a mug to your coffee lover friend but give it a little twist by giving them a Self Stirring mug! Its something they would be thankful for trust me. 

To the music maven friend: Earphones.
As a music lover, I know that headphones or earphones are something that sticks to us like glue. Almost every one is using them. As an added twist, give them those pair of earphones in their favorite color! It will definitely jazz up their look for sure. 

To your Boss that has a lot of deadlines to accomplish: Cute and Funky planner or colorful post it notes. 

My team coach loves stationary - she does! she has a lot of varieties if you would see it! Buy your boss that cute planner that suits her lifestyle. And don't think that you are sucking up on your boss because its not.

To your kikay friend:  Make up Brushes. 

I am noted as the 'kikay' one in our group. It doesn't really show but when the topic is about make up you can't stop me in talking about it- kinda annoying but true. My definite recommendation for that kikay friend is a make up brush especially if your friend is just starting to explore the world of make up.

To your lovable and witty niece or nephew: Educational toys.

When I was younger, my aunts and uncles always note how I can say witty comebacks with heaps of innocence to it. I still do it till this day since it comes natural to me so a perfect gift I can recommend is educational toys like writing journals for your kindergarteners and toddlers alike. Instilling good values and also good educational habits to them will make them a better person as they grow up.

To the supportive boyfie: Homemade dinner for two.

I still don't have a boyfriend but that doesn't mean that I can't share my recommendations right? I would really say that the perfect gift for that special guy (besides your bro and dad) is some special time with him and preparing his favorite food. A direct way to a man's heart is definitely to his stomach - trust me I am quite experienced in that field with my brothers and dad so cooking is a definite thing to do.

To the bestie with a penchant for R&R: Spa GCs!

One of my besties from childhood have a penchant for Spas - don't ask. But whenever she and I hang out it would definitely be at a Spa near so why not book her a full Spa package for her to enjoy. I've already booked my bestie one for January. It is a little late but I booked her a package from her favorite spa which is definitely worth the wait. If you can't let your bestie wait that long then just get her a Spa GC from her favorite Spa.

For that wicked sistah from another mother: A journal!

Me and my long time writing buddy has a relationship like no other we actually write a journal to each other in ONE notebook. Its something that we do as a way to share out thoughts to each other without literally talking since its hard for her to share her feelings out in the field.

Why not do the same with making your own journal! its like a scrapbook of thoughts and conversations you and your friend could do. Its quite enlightening if you see her thoughts in writing. You can jazz it up by putting in articles that you think help you and her. 

  These are only some of the things I can think of since I have a lot in mind but it would make this post super long. If you have any suggestions don't be afraid to leave it on the comments section I would definitely love to read your recommendations!

Much Love and Advanced Happy Holidays!

xx Alice


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