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Friday, November 22, 2013

Photoescape Reviews: Garnier BB Eye Roll On

As we are getting old, signs of it will show. Kind of harsh don't you think? especially if you are the type that likes to stay up late when you were younger *ahem* 

my 19 year old self...sigh..

I am not getting younger, but I would prefer to look like I am still in my early twenties or maybe when I was in my teen! oh those were the days...those were the days... One clear sign of it is my under eye circles. When I was younger, I didn't really notice them, but nowadays I've been noticing that they are getting darker than usual.
me at 20...

Wish there was a product that can make my under eyes look like they were before right?? Well there is!

Garnier's BB eye roll on!

Garnier Instant Fairness BB eye roll on is the first bb eye roll on that gives the skin an amazing and fresher look with just a swipe. It gives out a total package for a fresh look in a flash. The product is enriched with pure lemon essence and caffeine which are known for its stimulating and brightening properties to the skin. It also has mineral pigments which gives a nude coverage and lasts long on the skin. 

The product basically promises to give you 10 benefits which are: 

- Fairer
- More radiant
- even-toned
- Lesser dark circles
- Lesser dark spots
- Fresh look
- Smoother
- Less tired looking.
- More hydrated
- tightened under eye skin.

I was quite skeptical with this since how can a product promise so much right? But still I gave it a go since I would also like to use a product that can be used even if you are in a hurry all the time. I work as an online English teacher, Blogger, vLogger, and a yaya sometimes so this would be a great thing to use for sure.

Retailed at 230php, The packaging is a cream beige colored 15 mL tube with a metal roll ball..did I say it right?whatever it is it has a metal ball that rolls to dispense the product. see?

The price ain't that big of a deal if you ask me since Garnier products are quite affordable for every pinay out there. The product has a somewhat good consistency - its not thick or liquidy as a foundation, nor light as a concealer but covers up like a foundation on steriods - sorry got overwhelmed there for a bit.

Here is a photo demo of the product.

I only have minimal under eye circles but usually it gets visible the more stressed I get in the day - gah! those students need to study more!!

Full face picture time!~ seriously I look like this almost everyday so don't say I have great skin.

Ze me applying ze product only on the right side for comparison.

If you can see on the right side of the picture, the effect is almost immediate! it look so much better than the left side...which actually made my face look not proportion and like a mash up of something. Right side looked fresher, more awake and even toned. I was quite amazed with is actually since I can use this even without foundation now. 

Here's the finished look! 

Fresh faced me! haha! I look so much better there than the before picture don't you think? 

Things I like about the product: 
- cheap
-locally available.
- sees results instantly
- worked up to its claim
- did not break me out.
-no funky smell
- long lasting. 
- easy to handle packaging. 

Things I don't like about the product: 
-Doesn't suit most pinay skin tones. 
 - dries quite fast.


I love this product! It actually saves me a lot of time fixing myself on my way to work and makes me look polished in no time! 

Will I repurchase? 

OF COURSE~ I definitely love this product to the point that I just love it to bits. 

Who do I recommend this to? 

If you are looking for a product that would even out your skin and also take away the under eye circles, this is the product for you~ 

Do you like this product? what are your thoughts about this? make sure to leave a comment below ok? 

Much Love~! 

xx Alice


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