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Friday, November 15, 2013

A Little Help for Yolanda Victims

Last Friday, November 8, 2013 The Visayas region and the Southern part of Luzon was hit with a Category 5 cyclone named Haiyan or Yolanda. 

I live in Manila but I felt the strong winds of the cyclone here in Manila on my way home that Friday night, then a question came to my mind:

 If the winds hitting Manila are strong it must be at least 4 times stronger in the areas affected right? 


Then the answer came to me, and it had hit me hard to the gut.  The devastation Yolanda left to the people of Samar, Leyte, Cebu, Tacloban and other provinces in the Visayas. I have relatives that lived in Samar, Leyte, and even Tacloban so I was quite concerned with them as well. 


As of this posting, I've heard that most of my relatives (In my mother's side) are safe, some of them have fled before the cyclone reached their area - but unfortunately they don't have homes to go back to because their homes have been deeply ravaged by the storm surge. 


I've seen the news, of all the looting and also the trauma the people are experiencing in these areas and I can't help but cry because a lot of them have lost a lot - their homes, their sources of income and even family members. 

This is why I am asking for your prayers and help.

I will be doing a sale on my Instagram account tonight. 

All proceeds will be given to a charity (either the red cross or Sagip Kapamilya) that will be able to distribute them to the victims of Yolanda. 

I will be selling my pre-loved make up, clothes and other items. I would really appreciate if my Manila-based readers would just meet up with me to save shipping fee costs and to also get to know you guys. 

If you would also like to volunteer, you can also go here for the list of centers that are accepting volunteers and donations. 

No matter how big or small your help can bring, it would all be worth it for our fellow kababayans in need in these times. 

Much Love. 


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