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Monday, November 4, 2013

30 days kpop challenge: day 23

Hey ladies! sorry late update AGAIN...its just been pretty busy lately so I wasn't able to update this challenge.. I will be updating more this week since this is the last set of questions for the challenge.

I have failed miserably! ahhhhh!!!

Let's go to today's challenge shall we?

Day 23:
A Sad Song:

I don't really prefer sad songs since most sad Kpop song I know reminds me of a painful memory that sometimes I press next before the first part begins. But to this one I think the song Fiction by B2ST would suit best.

If you watch the music video, you would probably see why its a sad song for me.

That's it!

I will be posting more in a few minutes make sure to check back :D

Much Love!



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