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Thursday, October 10, 2013

September 2013 Favorites!

Hey hey baby! I am back with my monthly favorites! 

I haven't done one in a while since 

1. I've just been using the same products for the past few months 


2. I either forgot OR I was too lazy for one. 

I know lame excuses, but those were true. There were times that I didn't really feel like doing one since I do my favorites about halfway yeah. But I will try to make more this coming months since I also want my youtube channel to be more productive too. 

I will be uploading about 2-3 videos a week. There will be a new video every Monday and Friday. I will try to squeeze in a video every Wednesday. Make sure to subscribe on my make up channel! 

Here are the products featured in my September favorites:

Aveeno Invigorating Body Wash in Grapefruit and Rosemary

I absolutely love this product mainly because of the scent. I get addicted to it when I'm in the shower. Its really gentle to the skin and it doesn't leave it dry. I also love it since its great for kids. My nephew and niece use this when they got this awful skin allergy from the soap my brother was using on them..and they love it too!

Nivea Sparkling White Night Cream

I've featured this but quite honestly I love it because it just leaves my skin really nice and soft in the morning. I feel like a thousand bucks with this product no doubt. This is my first night cream and I can say that maybe if not for this product I won't have to buy other creams to lessen my acne marks.

Ms. Me Cole Bed & Butter body butter

Total lifesave. That is the only thing I could say about this body butter. I use it mainly for my feet which is unfortunately the most beaten part of my body. I like to walk a lot so this definitely makes my feet say thank you to me...if it can talk to me.

Avon Holiday Palette

I got this from a friend of mine a couple of months back. And since then I think this is my most used palette ever. It does have alot of shimmery eye shadow but I love that all the colors seem to blend together.

Encara BB Cream.

I can't really say how thankful I am in trying this product. I never really thought it would work for me since it has a yellow undertone. I love that this makes my skin look so much better with only a little drop. Its blendable, light weight, basically a very dependable product on days I don't feel as pretty as I am.

Maybelline BB Stick

This one is my lazy/sick girl must have. When I am in a hurry to fix myself up. It evens our my skin and makes it look poreless sometimes. Even without powder this works well in my skin.

Avon Ideal Oil control pressed powder

Another life saver product for me. I simply love the coverage is this powder. It makes my look more up top especially on days that I want to look extra special.

Victoria Secret Deep Nourishing lip and body balm.

First of all, Thank you Dang of YellowApple for giving me this product. Its such a great product to use for the lips. Its like having a spa date with this baby. Its quite bit but its versatile since you can use it as a body balm as well. I love the scent since it wakes me up at work when I feel sleepy.

Garnier BB Eye Roll on

One product that I think every girl who has under eye circles must have. When I am in a hurry for work and I want to look instantly awake - This is the product that I use. I don't have big under eye circles yet but this products brightens up my look with just a swipe and a few blends!

Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey and Pink Flame

If there can be a lip product that I can swear that works for pinay skin tone its definitely Ever Bilena. I love that the shades of their lipsticks are wearable for every skin tone. I actually mix these two together and they just makes the perfect everyday lip color for me.

Colour Collection Ultimate wear lipstick in Love me and Kiss & Tell

Another lip product that worked for me is Colour Collections Ultimate wear lippies - mainly the Love me and Kiss & Tell shade. I love how these lip colors make me look like a thousand bucks with just one swipe. 

so... what are your favorite products for the month of September?

I'd love to know on the comments section!

Hope to see you soon!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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