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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rainy Day Must Haves.

Rainy days are sometimes gloomy days but not when you have to go to work or school! 

I think I have a love/hate relationship with the rain. I love that it cools my surroundings and also helps me reflect but I hate when I get wet from the rain. That is why whenever it is raining I would prefer just staying at home rather than running errands. 

But there are days that you would have to brave the rain and the wind to do something - like an event! So today I will be showing you some things you can do to brave the rain but still look good. 

1. The rain coat will be your best buddy.
In my 24 years of existence, I've had myriads of coats that I've used. One specific thing you have to remember is what type would you prefer: Plastic or Fabric? 

The typical one that was used before was plastic because water would just drip off and it won't let your clothes get wet. The only down side to this is we would be sweating inside it since there is no proper ventilation. Typically, children's rain coats are made of these and they have the poncho style so its easier to take off. I do like this style since it would preserve your clothes but if you are traveling for about 1-2 hours, you would be sweating a whole lot with this. 

The Fabric type is actually more suitable if you are just going to work and also if you are not walking much. The fabric type may be stylish but if the wind and the water works rained on your parade, I suggest hanging that coat to dry.

 2. ALWAYS bring an umbrella!

Living in a Tropical climate country we only have 2 seasons: The hot and humid summers and the cold and chilly monsoon season. Typically, Filipinos use umbrellas WHOLE year round I kid you not. My mom always has to have an umbrella with her because of the scorching heat, but if you ask me I would only have my umbrella on standby even if it is the hottest day of the year.

Umbrellas are another way to shield yourself from the rain but make sure to but durable, wind-proof umbrellas so that they may last you a lifetime - at least that's what they say.


3. Wear comfortable clothing. 

When attending an event or going to work or school it is always important to wear something comfortable. When the rainy days come by make sure to have slippers or sandals in your bag so you can easily change your foot wear to prevent your shoes from getting drenched and eventually destroyed from the rain.

I do admit, sometimes I don't go with this but its better to be prepared than never especially if you are wearing heels to work.

As per clothes, I would suggest light fabrics to your clothes so in case you get wet, you won't feel like carrying a sack of rice down to your legs.

Also bring a spare change of clothes so you can just change and let your clothes dry off a little then change back to them. This is especially important if there is a storm and you still have to go to work.

5. Water proof your look.

I don't wear make up every day but I try to since I want to look presentable. But when the rain comes pouring so does my grudge when I get wet from the rain.

A sure perfect way to waterproof your make up is basically wear products that are sweat proof because they are also waterproof. Based on experience, I have done it lots of times and though it may not hold for an entire day, I was able to keep the look with some touch ups.

And also try to wear less make up during this day since it will just be ruined. But if you will be attending an important event, try to bring along make up that can help you touch up.

Those are my rainy day must haves. Its been raining a lot these past few days that I am sick of even looking out the window of our office. I can't really do anything since weather is uncontrollable. I just wish it would stop because you can't really compromise your schedule when it is raining cats and dogs outside.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with the rain too? How do you deal with it?
And also what are your rainy day must haves?

I'd love to know on the comments section below.

Much Love and take care!

xoxo Alice


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