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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Product Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Happy Wednesday! 

I don't have work today because its Hangul day in Korea. Its like Linggo ng Wika here in the Philippines. So with that I present you with a new product review! (ano connect? LOL)

I've been applying make up a lot to mu skin daily mainly because I want to finish off my cosmetics before I buy new ones this coming January for my birthday. But because I've been applying make up a lot I do need a primer to make my make up last longer when I am at work. Thankfully I was able to snag this baby when I was looking around a couple of months back. 

The main promise of this product is 

Bye Bye Pores
Hello Poreless
Baby Smooth Skin!

It makes me wonder if this is a dupe of the Benefit Porefessional which got me all curious because I know that Benefit is quite expensive here and being a kuripot person as I am, I need to find an alternative for that. 

Retailed for about 299PHP it is encased in a 22 mL tube packaging which has an eye catching color of a mint blue. Sorry for the color description, I can't really think of a proper color to it. I like the packaging since its cute and you can bring this with you if you have make up gigs. The tube opening is quite small, thus making you control of how much product you need.

The product itself is a translucent gel that has a thick consistency, but upon contact it actually melts to the skin. It does have a bit of an oily consistency for the first couple of seconds but once it sets in it gives a smooth and velvety - somewhat powdery finish to my skin. And also only a pea size amount of this goes on a long way to my skin which is a definite plus if you ask me!

Here is a picture of my pores without the maybelline pore eraser. My pores is saying Hello world to y'all! Its a bit embarrassing to show you these but this is what my skin looks like on an extreme close up angle. No perfect skin there, but better than before! 

Here is what my skin looks like with the pore eraser. It didn't really 'erased' my pores but rather just minimized their appearance. You can see that my skin looks brighter than what it was before so instead of erasing my pores, it just blurred them. 

And now to the transformation!

... And after a full day of work!

I am not that fresh anymore in this shot but still good right? I like that it kept most of my make up on throughout my shift at work. You can see that most of my foundation on my cheeks but the oiliness of my T-zone is showing up. In tagalog, medyo hulas pero pwede pa (Its quite washed out but still good.)

I have also used this before going to work, and it actually made my make up last longer even though the sun was shining down on me and makin' me sweat bullets. 

I did notice that this product doesn't really work on all foundations, bb creams and tinted moisturizers. I used this on one of my Avon foundation, and I found myself wondering why after two hours in the sun, my foundation has melted.  Boo! but if used with my other foundations, it actually lasted long.

What I like about it: 

- Cheap and affordable! 
- Did not break me out. 
- Made my make up last long.
- A little goes a long way. 
- Gives a nice smooth finish to my skin. 
- Cute packaging

What I don't like it: 
- It doesn't work on all of my foundations.

Didn't really 'erased' my pores, rather just blurred them.


Its a good product to buy if you are on a budget since I think this is the cheapest one in the market. I think it was the hype of erasing the pores that made others think it will erase it. Ladies as much as we want our pores cannot be erased, only minimized.


i-generate said... [Reply]

Hello, Thanks for reviewing this. Where did you get the product? is this available at Watson's?

Alice said... [Reply]

@i-generate Hi! Thank you for dropping by my blog. This is available at all maybelline counters..I believe its also available at Watsons :)

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