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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Product Review: Charen Korea Face Mask

Hello lovelies!

I am back with a review for today. I have an ongoing fascination with face masks - Korean face mask in particular since most of their masks are easy to use. It come is a sheet mask in which you don't have to wash it off and its quite convenient to use if you are going on a trip, just slap this on then snooze away. The down side though is it can be messy to apply depending on the product and some are sticky but beauty has some downside too so its okay.

Today I will be reviewing this mask that I bought from a Korean store a couple of weeks store. Its only 3 packs for 50 pesos. These are Charen Korea face masks. I only got the Aloe Essence, Royal Jelly, and the Mineral Essence. I will be reviewing them individually and tell you which one is great for what skin type.

All of them are safe for all skin types, according to the instructions at the back of the packaging, but if you ask me its better to know which one works for you the most.

Here are some observations I had about the product:

1. The mask was really soaked with the product. 

I've read on some reviews that some face masks are not that soaked in the product which is a little disappointing, but with this mask, it totally soaked that you are really getting your money's worth in this mask. 

2. There are tons of excess product in the sachet.

I was really shocked to see that there was about a tablespoon's worth of product left in each face mask I used that I actually scraped it off and transferred it to a clean tub so I can use it some more the next time I use the face mask.

3. The face mask was quite big for me.

There were a lot of excess space in the face mask that got me a little disappointed since I don't know how I will let it fit in my face. I was able to manage it so thankfully it fitted my face.  

Now let's start with the face masks!

First up is the Aloe Essence Mask.

The claim of this mask is to basically refresh the skin and improve our skin's texture. It is moisturizing and fit for all skin types.

I applied this to my face and left it there for the whole night since I usually apply my mask at night. But according to the instructions just leave it for 20-30 minutes. I don't really like to follow instructions since when I tried that on my other face mask, there is some left in the mask and its a waste if I throw it.

The After effect? 

My skin was really bright the next morning when I took off the mask. I didn't see any blotchy spots and it made my skin feel really nice and smooth. 
My verdict? 

I like it! I've never felt my skin more refreshed after using this product. I like that it only has a hint of aloe scent into it. The smell is not overwhelming to the nose so if you are sensitive to scents, you might not like this. The only thing I don't like is when I applied the product, it was sticky at first, it felt like I had hair gel in my face the whole time, but it didn't really bother me that much. 

Now let's move on the next mask.

The Mineral Essence Mask is also a moisturizing mask that is also good for all skin types. This mask though is much better to be used if you have oily acne prone skin since it is supposed to contain mineral water that was extracted from the deep marine water of the East Sea. (ansabeh?!)

Compared to the first mask, this has more of a clean and fresh scent to it. Its not overwhelming as well so you can use this and not sneeze to eternity. I used this about 3 days after using the first mask in which I was really oily because I did a lot of work that day I tried this out. 

The After effect? 

It made my face feel clean and fresh! I like that it reduced my oilies a little and also made my skin smoother. The only thing I don't like about this is I felt a tingling sensation in my skin at first application. I immediately checked my skin after taking this off but didn't see any blotches nor break outs so I guess it was just because the product is reducing the oil in my face. 

The verdict? 

I do like this product. Its mildly scented and also it lessened my oilies. It didn't broke me out which was one thing I don't want to achieve. This is a must try if you ask me.

Now lastly let's go to the last one which is the Royal Jelly Mask.

Royal jelly is known to brighten the skin and also soften it, royal jelly is also known for its anti aging properties. According to the information at the back, it improves dry, dark and dull skin. This is also moisturizing and fit for all skin types, but if you ask me I would recommend this to those that have dry skin.

Compared to the first two masks, this has a slightly sweeter scent into it, you can say its a sweet yet floral scent. I actually really like the scent of this mask out of the three. 

The Aftermath? 

I actually broke out when I used this mask! I got 2 small bumps in my chin. I don't want to sound over dramatic but I was shocked to see two small red bumps in my chin! I think it was mainly because this is fit for dry skin and I have combination skin that's why the bumps got there in the first place. 


If you have oily or combination skin, I would suggest to stay clear of this one. I like the scent, but the effect of it on my skin was disastrous.

This is what my skin looked like after using the mineral essence mask

Overall Experience. 

I think out of the three, I would recommend the mineral essence and the aloe vera more. Although all of them say that it fits all skin types, its much better to know that there are products not fit for you so you won't suffer the consequence like what I had. 

Will I repurchase? 

OF COURSE! I will repurchase only the first two that I mentioned since they worked well with my skin. I like the feel of the product and also its quite cheap. 

Who would I recommend this to? 

I would recommend this to those that would like to treat themselves to a spa without the hefty price. 

Most Korean stores carry this so you will probably see them there.

Have you tried this face mask? How was your experience with it? let me know on the comment box below k? 

Have a safe Tuesday! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


Kat Francisco said... [Reply]

Hi, what is the name of the Korean store and where is it located? Thanks :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Kat Francisco Hi Kat! I actually don't remember the name of the Korean store, but I've seen this on soonamoo store in Ortigas. hope this helps and thanks for dropping by! :)

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