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Monday, October 21, 2013

 One of the things I am really guilty of is there are some songs in my iPod that I don't really like listening to but they are in my playlist. Admit it, you are like me on some songs. 

But on the Kpop level There are some tracks that when the intro plays I immediately press next - which is today's Kpop challenge question! 

Day 14

Least played song in your iPod/Mp3 player:

It would be 'Come Back you bad person' by Kahi 

I do like this song. I really do, its just that when I listen to this song it somewhat makes dizzy because the choreography is somewhat too technical for me. I go into this analytical phase in my head whenever I hear a song with a very technical choreography. That's just how my mind goes sometimes. 

But still, I listen to this song sometimes when I need to keep my brain awake. 

That's it for today's Kpop challenge! 

I will try my best to finish this challenge so make sure to check back! 

 Much Love!

xx Alice     


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