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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nail polish love: La Belle Nail Polish in Dolly Pink

I am a nail polish lover but I don't really like applying them to my nails.. why is that? Well I think because there are some shades that I think would only look good on the bottle but not on my nails or they chip off easily.

There had been some hits and misses on this category in my list which the nail polish ends up just getting stuck in the bottom of my drawers. I feel bad for these nail polishes since I don't get to use them that much. There are some that I reach out for whenever I feel applying some on and one of them is La Belle's nail polish in Dolly Pink. 

I got my first bottle when I won RealAsianBeauty's first giveaway a couple of years back. I was really surprised because she gave away TONS of nail polishes then. I still have some of what she gave me but this stood out in the bunch.

The shade is a pastel barbie pink shade. Its really wearable and just nice to use if you want to be girly. And please excuse my nails on the picture above because I was in a hurry to apply them - thus having the bubbles. I hate when I get bubbles on my nail polish. The color is wearable and easy to match with your outfit. I got tons of complements with this shade actually because it suits my skin tone. It also makes my hands look dainty in a way.

The consistency is just right when I apply this nail polish. I love that even when I apply two to three coats it still has the same color. And this color is quite opaque yet buildable so even one swipe of this nail polish is enough if you are not into nail polishes. 

I've only seen this nail polish at Isetan's in cubao I'm not sure if this is available anywhere else but you can check out watsons and hortaleza if they have these. 

What is your favorite nail polish color at the moment? Make sure to comment below! I would love to know your favorite shades ^__^ 

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Alyssa Yu said... [Reply]

I use to hate applying nail polish on my nails because it always turned out ugly. Haha. Anyway, I can do it better now after lots of practice. I think you should try other brands too. There are some good ones that don't produce bubbles when you apply them on your nails. :)

Kat P said... [Reply]

Pretty Color.. try Angel Pink from My Posh or Iced Mint by Sassy Colors :) super nice din..

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