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Monday, October 21, 2013

Kpop Friday! Why is Crayon Pop So Popular?

Hello ladies! 

I know its already Monday but I hope you understand. If you do watch my vLogs, you would probably know how I was last weekend. okay 'nuff drama lets begin this post before my head spins out of cycle.


Today's post is mainly about Crayon Pop!

If you don't know this Idol group you are probably living under a rock like Patrick Starfish - kidding!

Crayon Pop is a five member South Korean group under Chrome Entertainment. Their members are Gum-mi, Ellin, Way, Cho-a and Soyul.

If you know Boyfriend, the male idol group, they have twins in their group in which Crayon Pop has one too! I was quite surprised with this one since I didn't really noticed that they had twins in their group in which they are Cho A and Way.

Crayon Pop has actually been in the business for a year, but they only got noticed because of the song 'Bar Bar Bar'. The song and the MV of the same song PLUS their unconventional outfits for the song made it a hit.

I remember when I first heard this song, the first thing that popped in my head was 'what a cute song'. But when I saw the MV I was floored because the choreography of the song was really cute and their costumes are just really out there.

I think the selling factor of this group is because they are cute in a childish way and its not forced. They are quirky in their choreography and the steps are quite easy to follow - even a 2 year old can do it! I remember I taught my niece Precious (5), Pauleen (2), and my nephew Ivan (4) this song and within 10 minutes they kept dancing it! that is how easy it is. 

I also like that they don't have to pretend to be cute because their concept is already making them cute without even trying!

I like this song a lot and I actually like listening to Crayon Pop when I need a pick me up moment. Also my Oppas from Premium Oppa like them! hehe! way to segue right? :D haha!

I hope you like this post. Make sure to drop a comment below if you have any suggestions for this Friday's Kpop Friday ok?

Have a safe week ahead!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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