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Monday, October 7, 2013

How I Remove My Make Up

Hello lovelies!

There are days that I wear full on make up to work which means I have to remove them properly. I do have a lazy bone in my system because there are times that I would forget to do this but I have suffered enough consequence of not removing my make up the morning after. So today I will just show you how I remove my make up using Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil. 

You can check out my review of the Human Nature Sunflower Beauty oil here. So basically, I use the beauty oil on my face to remove stubborn mascara and eye liner...and the rest of my face make up. 

Let's have a little close up of my face with make up shall we?

This is what my face looks like after a day of work with no touch ups. I rarely touch up at work so you can see that some of my make up has rubbed off. Okay enough of this, Lets check what my face looks like when it has been cleaned with the cleansing oil!

You can probably see the difference immediately how my face looks brighter after removing the make up I had all day. This is actually the fun part for me since it feels my skin was getting a break for the night with all the make up I use. 

And voila! the finished product! 

It is definitely a must to remove your make up at the end of the day. No matter how perfect your make up was that day kelangan mo pa rin burahin. Make up is like a mask we put on to conceal and highlight parts of our face to look more presentable. It doesn't necessarily mean that we have to wear make up daily. Its just that wearing make up can be used on special occasions. 

A quick tip I could give you girls is know when to use full coverage make up to sheer make up. Its best to remember that less is more especially in make up. 

Can you show a picture of yourself with and without make up? I hope I can see those! Make sure to post them on my FACEBOOK page and I will like them as well! 

Much Love and have a safe Monday! 

xx Alice 


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