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Friday, October 4, 2013

Belle De Jour's Beauty Social Primp and Prettify!

Hello lovelies!

Its the start of October and I am so excited! 

1. Because December is near (exgoited much teh?)
2. I have tons of tutorials lined up. 
3. Sale, Sale,...did I say SALE all over! 

I know my reasons are a bit shallow but we'll leave it at that. One of the things that I am most excited about is the upcoming Belle De Jour Fair. I will tell you lovelies more about that in a while, I will just share to you their pre-fair event which is the Beauty Social. 

Its my first time attending the event and I attended it with Arrienne of Mineeh11 last Sunday, September 29, 2013 so I was quite excited for that. The BDJ beauty social is more on showcasing upcoming trends and products in the market. If you want to be on the know, I think this is definitely for you! 

I signed up for 3 talks but was only able to attend the first one which is Maxfactors 'How Do I Look?' segment.

The segment was hosted by radio DJ Tracy Abad and the guest speaker was Maxfactor's Make up Artist, Bobby Carlos.

The talk basically features Maxfactor's newest product which is their CC cream. I haven't really jumped in the CC cream bandwagon yet, but I'm excited to try this out soon. 

Bobby also featured 3 models sporting looks and also those that used the Maxfactor CC Cream.

After the talk, we were given our loot bags and we roamed around the area to check out the other booths.

Some of the booths were from known brands such as Covergirl, Goody, Garnier, Revlon, Shiseido and much more. 

While the other booths are from up and coming brand such as Bifesta, Lucido-L, and Too Cool for School. 

I have heard of Bifesta even before the product came to the Philippines because of my relatives in Japan. It is relatively cheaper in Japan than here since 1 bottle of Bifesta there was roughly about half the price...but you know imported products here in Manila anlake ng patong....due to taxes and all. Just a little price to pay if you want great quality products from abroad.

Cure is actually a product that was really recommended to me by my mom's friends in Japan mainly because its a simple no-hassle product to use. I will try one of these soon for sure. 

I was also able to meet some blogger friends that I was only able to meet through facebook, twitter and on my blog. I wasn't able to take a picture with them but I hope I get to see them real soon. 

Were you able to attend BDJ's Beauty Social event? If you missed it don't fret because this coming October 13 they will be having their 5th BDJ fair at SM Mall of Asia's music hall. 

Be sure to check their Facebook page for more information about the fair. I'm still thinking if I should attend or not, but I will let you girls know soon for sure ^__^

Happy Friday and Much Love! 

xx Alice


Mariza said... [Reply]

Ah, tamang tama I'm near MOA. Would definitely come to check out new products :)

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