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Friday, October 11, 2013

30 days of Kpop Challenge: Day 4

Hey ladies! Happy Friday! 

I will be posting Kpop Friday in a while but for today I will just share my 30 days Kpop Challenge for now.

Day 4:

Song from your Favorite Male Idol

hmmm...I can't decide! Okay time to randomize it..

Seo In Guk's Love You!

I mainly love this song because it has a summery vibe in the music video. And also this is first song I saw from Seo in guk.

Seo in guk is like a puppy but has a body of a hottie.


haha! but nonetheless he is a great performer. I do love him since he has more of a personal charm rather than just being good looking in front of the camera. If you've watched Reply 1997 you would know.

That's all for today!

Make sure to check back for Kpop Friday!

Much Love!

xx Alice 



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