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Monday, October 21, 2013

30 days of Kpop Challenge: Day 12

Hey guys! 

I am back with a back to back post. I know really lame to forget posting these, but I had something going on during the weekend which made me forget all about this challenge. 

But I will make it up today! 

Okay let's begin with it shall we? 

Day 12: 

The Debut Song of your Favorite Female Idol. 

Okay to be fair, I will state here the first Female Idol that I like since I have TONS of favorite female idol. 

Its ID: Peace B by BoA. 

I initially didn't like this song since its not my cup of tea, but the more I listen to it the more I liked it. Kpop really has a way to influence you even way back.

That's it for today's post! phew! luckily  I will be posting TONS of backlogs today so I will updating this more.

Much Love!

xx Alice


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