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Friday, October 18, 2013

30 Days of Kpop Challenge: Day 10

Hey lovelies! 

Its Friday! Hay.. I am soo happy! Frankly because its the last day of work and weekend is just a sleep away! Oh happy day! 

On today's 30 day of Kpop challenge we go! 

Day 10: 

The Debut Song of your favorite Girl's Group:

Its Fire by 2ne1. 

There's actually 2 versions of this song's MV. The first one they released I think is the Space version while the second one was the street version. When I first heard the song, it just blew me away mainly because its different from the ones I was listening to. I became hooked to 2ne1 since then. 

If you haven't noticed I also did some looks from their other MVs. Just check the recommended section below this post to see those looks ^__^

That's it for today's post! 

Watch out for Kpop Friday tonight! 

I will be posting tonight for sure so make sure to check in a couple of hours

Happy Friday and Much Love! 

xx Alice      


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