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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

30 Days Kpop Challenge: Day 22

Hey ladies! 

I am back with a new challenge! I know I haven't been blogging about beauty stuff for a while I do hope you understand since I need to let my skin breathe now so I've stopped using some of my make up. But I will be back soon with some beauty post ok? 

Now let's begin with the post shall we? 

Day 22: 

A Funny Song 

I actually find this song ridiculously funny because of the lyrics. The lyrics does not mean ANYTHING - even my students thinks its a funny song but a good one since you can dance to it if you want to feel silly even for a moment.

It's T-ara's Bo Beep Bo Beep

I really do like this song mainly because its lyrics. I am quite silly sometimes so I have liked this song on those occasions.

Much Love!



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