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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

30 days Kpop Challenge Day 20

Hey chicas! I am back with another Kpop challenge! 

Ugh! I have been missing out a LOT but I will make it up for sure! 

So let's get on with the challenge shall we? 

Day 20: 

A Song that reminds you of your Best Friend

Oh goodness! This one is a tough one since I have a lot of besties...I will not name them but there is one that you probably have seen in my blog. I will just say they are my chicas and they know that kekeke. And also my chicas don't listen to Kpop but they let me be my cray cray self when I see my Kpop bias on TV..they love me like that. 

I think the perfect song that reminds me of them is Tonight by SPICA. 

If you check out the English translation, you would probably know why this reminds me of them.

Love you my Chicas!

That's it for today's post!

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Much Love!



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