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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

30 Days Kpop Challenge Day 19

 Ola! I am back with a new post! 

I am feeling down lately but I try not to be down too much. I think its because of things that have been happening lately but I won't let that bring me down! 

Its Tuesday already and I've missed quite a lot of posts. I know its kinda bad so I think I have to put myself on hyper drive to get me pumped up. 

Now let's get on with today's post shall we? 

Day 19: 

A Song that reminds you!

I could say there are a lot of songs that reminds me of myself, mainly because it was part of a moment or a memory in my life. I think the one that suits me at the moment is GD and TOP's High High. 

      The song is really upbeat and usually this is the song that pops out in a fun moment or memory.

IDK but this song just does that! kekeke

I hope you like today's post!

Make sure to comment below if you have questions ok?

Much Love!

xx Alice


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