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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

30 days Kpop Challenge Day 15

 Hey lovelies! Its Wednesday again! I am so happy because its the middle of the week already! I can't believe it! 

I wasn't able to upload a video on my beauty channel mainly because internet is going cray cray again. I just hope tonight it doesn't go cray cray or else I will file a complaint to our internet provider. But aside from that everything else is okay

How is your Wednesday so far? good? bad? getting there? But I do hope its doing well because its only two days before the weekend so don't be a downer k

Okay let's get started with today's Kpop challenge shall we? 

Day 15: 

A Collaborated Song: 

There are tons of Kpop collaborated songs I know but this one stands out the most: Painkiller by T-ara, The See Ya, 5DOLLS, & SPEED. 

I like this song mainly because its the only collaboration song I know that is about a heartbreak. Most Kpop collaboration songs I've heard are about confessions to your crush, or being in lovey dovey with your significant other - this one is the exact opposite. You can also think that this song is about a farewell to someone that you may not see ever again.

I actually cried when I first heard this song - I heard it while I called my student, who is a big fan of T-ara.

nuff' drama! I can't handle too much of that!

That's it for today's Kpop challenge!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for another challenge. And if you have any questions don't be a stranger to comment below ok?

Much Love!

xx Alice


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