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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

30 Days Kpop Challenge... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Day 1

Hey ladies! I am back with a new challenge woot! woot! 

I haven't done a blog challenge in a while so I went scurrying around to check out some that would be really cool and I found one! 

This is called the 30 Days Kpop Challenge. Basically you have to answer the 30 Kpop related questions each day for 30 days...30 DAYS OF KPOP! Much more love than my usually weekly Kpop Friday posts! I saw this challenge on this site. Make sure to visit it and give it some love if you love Kpop!

Okay so lets get started shall we?

DAY 1: 
The song that introduced you to Kpop..

This is an easy one. I remember hearing this song while I was channel surfing and I stopped when this was playing. Its basically a heartbreaking song that made me cry - literally.

You will probably know how long I have been a Kpop Fan if you know when this song came out.  

The song is...

 Lies by G.O.D. 

I got the one that has English subtitles so you would know why I got hooked with Kpop in the first place.


God I am so old now..haha!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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