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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

30 day Kpop challenge! Day 18

Hello ladies! I am back with a new Kpop Challenge! 

I know I was MIA for the weekend so I will make it up with 3 posts! I was quite busy last weekend because my mom asked me to help her make something. I will share that to you girls next time k? 

Now let's begin!

Day 18: 
A Song from your favorite Drama:

I love K-Drama OST for some reason since they really convey the essence of the moment. My pick would be I think I love you by Byul (Star) from Full House  

I got hooked with this song when Full House was aired here in the Philippines. I really like the simplicity of the song and its something I like to listen to when I just want to smile. Corny I know kekeke. 

I hope you like this! 

Much Love! 



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