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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Product Review: Encara BB Cream

Hello lovelies!! 

I think nowadays BB creams are slowly becoming somewhat of a past trend due to the increase of CC creams in the market. But aside from that a lot of companies still release new ones in the market. 

This BB cream that I will be showing you has been in the market for quite some time and I know I am kinda late in this but its never too late to try it right? 

The Encara BB Cream - Perfect Cover Blemish Balm is manufactured by Woosin Cosmetics Co., Ltd, which is the same manufacturer of Skin Food. 

Some information about this product:

- Highly Moisturizing.
- Whitens the skin. 
- Conceals unwanted facial imperfections such as dark spots, acne marks, under eye circles etc. 
- Used as Make up Foundation. 

Other essential features is:

- it has SPF 20 
- Has pearl extract and ginseng extract
- It is Hypoallergenic
- Ideal for dry and oily skin. 
- Has anti-aging and moisturizing effect. 
- It is sweat and water resistant. 

I actually got this product when I went to Bing's (of Project Awesome) meet and greet a couple of weeks back. I didn't really expect anything in this product since BB creams do have the same job to the skin - to make it as beautiful as possible. 

Upon getting the product I was surprised that it is sealed to ensure freshness. The packaging is a matte black tube with shiny brown/purple cap. Being in a squeeze tube packaging is actually good since you can just get the enough product you want.

I'm just a little concerned about the opening of the tube since its a little too big so there might be some spillage. To prevent this from happening, just make sure you close the tube immediately.

I believe there is only one shade available for this product. The shade has a yellow undertone which is great for Asian skin. This is retailed at around 1,000 PHP at MyRSkin.

I don't really have any expectations about this product so that I won't get disappointed at the end (andrama! hehe) but I still have hopes for it.

So let's do the test!

Here's my bare face with only skin care and as you can see I have some large pores, under eye circles due to lack of sleep and stress and also acne marks and some redness happening. Not really a good scene here.. moving on!

This is me with only the left side of my face with 2 layers of the BB cream. 

It did brighten my face and covered a bit of my under eye circles and some redness happening also covered some minor acne marks and blurred out my large pores. It also evened out my skin which was really great. I was quite surprised because even though it has a yellow undertone it fitted my skin perfectly. As per a white cast, I didn't see it in pictures with flash. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted those pictures (so sorry)

And this is the final look with the full make up. Its kinda blurred I noticed but aside from the blurriness you can see that it doesn't look like I have the BB cream on. 

Keeping this on my face for about an eight hours, I noticed that the oiliness came through at about the second hour but only on my T-zone which is normal since I have oily-combination skin. I also tried using this before I go to work and I could say it is really sweat proof since I commute to work and the heat in Manila is soooo bad I was sweating bullets while walking along Ortigas Ave at 1PM! 

Lez gow to the Pros and cons shall we? 


- Did a great job with my skin. 
- Did not break me out.
- Lived out its claim. 
- A little goes a long way in terms of usage. One layer is enough for your skin. 
- Evened out  my skin. 
- Works pretty well with the Philippine weather. 
- Good coverage. 
- Great for Asian Skin. 


- The opening of the tube is a little too big. If you leave it open and tilted down, it could have some spillage. 
- Quite expensive. 
- Only available online. I did find out that Purebeauty in Trinoma carries this. 


If you ask me I love this BB cream since its great for my skin and it didn't break me out. I actually use this a lot at work since its sweat proof and I don't really have to reapply. I only have to blot the shine though. 

Would I repurchase? 

Of course! I would repurchase this one since its great to use. But as of the moment I still have a lot for finish off so maybe in a couple of months I will repurchase this baby. 

Who do I recommend this to? 

I recommend this to those ladies that are BB cream fanatics. Must Try for sure! 

Have you tried this BB cream? What are your thoughts about it? Please do let me know on the comments section below. I would love to know your insights about this. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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