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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Movie Night: Sunny

Last Sunday, I was a bit on a rough patch since it was raining and my buddy backed on our Sundate. It was a friendly date and I understand when my buddy is coming from so I have to give in. To my last resort, I went online and searched for some Korean movies I could watch. 

I've actually watched this movie several times so it was basically re-watching a great movie. Tonight's movie night is about Sunny. 

Sunny was released last 2011. The movie is basically about a middle aged woman trying to fulfill a dying friend's wish - to reunite their friends from High School. The setting of the movie is a mix between the 80's and also the present age. 

The movie starts off with Im Na-mi, a wealthy housewife and mother that does her daily routine like other middle age Korean mothers. Her life may seem perfect with her wonderful home, generous husband and beautiful daughter but something was missing...she was not happy. 

Upon visiting her mother at the hospital, Na-mi passes a patient's room with a name Ha Chun-hwa which makes her remember about her school life. Shortly after that, she visited her old school in which it turn into a flashback of Na-mi in the 80's

During the course of the movie, there was actually a lot of flashbacks to Na-mi's high school years. With those are the introduction of the other characters in the movie like Chun-hwa which is like the 'leader' of the group. Jin-hee the curse machine, Jang-mi the girl who desires cosmetic surgery for her eyes, Geum ok who wants to become a writer. Bok hee, who wishes to become Miss Korea. And Su Ji who is the quite and mysterious one in the group.

The movie in general was somewhat nice since it has that nostalgic feel to it, especially if you went to a similar situation with the characters in the movie. I could say that I have qualities from each member of the group because I can be a curse machine like Jin hee, Chun hwa for being a tough girl, and Nami for being a true friend till the end. 

Some parts of the story were partly forced in if you ask me. For one there was a love angle that was brought up but never had a clear conclusion, but I guess that is part of the movie because not all love stories end in happy endings in reality. And also in the movie, it showed the harsh reality that not all you dreamed of in highschool with your friends might come true in the future.

This movie is I think something that I could hold on to since it reminds me of my own high school memories - with addition to the gang fights. Yes, I've witnessed it but never associated myself with those.

I just hope I don't end up like Na-mi when I go to my middle age phase...I would terribly feel horrible for sure but I know I have some friends to lean on to for sure.

Much Love!

xx Alice


Mariza said... [Reply]

seems an interesting movie, and knowing koreans they have a lot of really good plots and twists to the story. what's the link so i can watch too :)

Krisha said... [Reply]

Hi! :) I just nominated you at Liebster award! I had fun trying it out and would like you to enjoy it as well. You may visit my post to know more about it:

More power and God speed!

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