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Monday, September 2, 2013

*LONG OVERDUE* Nail and Beverage Haul

Happy Monday ladies! 

I know I haven't blogged a lot last much and I think I need to redeem myself so with that I promise I will try to blog daily again. 

Okay let's start with my overdue haul post. 

About a month ago me and Denise went out to hang out. In which it became a shopping day for me. I am quite impulsive especially if something interests me I need to get it. And that day was not an exception. 

Personally I don't regret getting these items because as to what I see these actually are quite useful -especially the nail polishes since I would use them more. I am trying out my skills in the nail art department so I need some tools.

I was planning on purchasing 3 polishes but I ended up with two mainly because I don't really need a lot at the moment. I also got myself a solvent solution to revive my old polishes. 

As per the beverages I went out and tried the Arizona green tea and fruit punch since I've seen these on youtube a couple of months back. Be sure to check back on my food and travel blog if you want to see a full review on these drinks.

And this is why sometimes I don't like going out. KIDDING! 

I love to go out once in a while..its just the thought of buying just for the fun of it shreds my heart. I am a bit of a cheapskate sometimes...please forgive me.

Have you done an impulsive haul lately? 

I want to know what you bought on the comments section below k? 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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