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Monday, September 16, 2013

Kpop Friday! All About Lee Hyo Ri

Sorry for the late upload...been pretty busy with work lately and editing new videos for you all~ hope you understand! ^__^

If you have been a Kpop fan even before the Hallyu wave came to the Philippines you would probably know this sexy lady. 

Lee Hyo Ri. 

I first saw Lee Hyo Ri back in 2003 when she released her album Stylish with her debut single '10 Minutes'. She was epitome of Korean sexiness for me if you ask me. No lesbo moment please, I just appreciate her beauty and curves. 

She first debuted in 1998 with the group Fin.K.L along with Ock Joo-hyun, Lee Jin,and Sung Yuri. Unfortunately they disbanded in 2002, then in 2003 Lee Hyo ri came back as a solo artist. Quite honestly when she was in Fin.K.L she was the least noticeable member according to my Sunbaes because she lacked a lot according to them.

But to my opinion, Lee Hyo Ri is not just sexy she is also cute. Sure she may not have the greatest voice, but she makes up for it with her creativity. I like how she showcases the urban vibe in some of her tracks and she uses fashion also as a way to showcase what the song is. I remember when I first saw '10 minutes' in the part that she was wearing a long jersey shirt that became a dress, I became obsessed with it. 

Besides from singing, Lee Hyo ri is also an actress. Her first series was actually Three leaf clover with Ryu Jin, Kim Jung-hwa, Kim Kang-woo and. Unfortunately due to low ratings, the series only ran for 16 episodes. Lee Hyo ri was also highly criticized for her acting skills. I've seen the series, and lets be honest its not easy to be an actress - I've tried it and I could say I still need more as in MORE practice to improve in it. 

Lee Hyo Ri may lack some acting skills, but she is one of the most bankable product endorser in Korea. She has endorsed companies such as Samsung, Lotte Liquor, Isa Knox, Biotherm and among others. Her most famous endorsement and also long time contract is with Lotte Liquors' soju which actually made their sales increase when they had her endorsed the product. That is how bankable she is. 

One of my fondest wish is she would come here in Manila and have a concert, I will surely go there and buy a VIP ticket. That is how much I love her. 

I also love Hyori's style since she is like a chameleon. She could be cute and fun then turn to fierce and sexy to another. I especially love when she has no make up. To me a woman's beauty is best if you see her without any make up. And quite honestly I've seen pictures of her with no make up on and she still looks fierce to me! 

We do have one thing in common - She loves animals! She has a dog names Soonshim in which she adopted from an animal shelter. I also have dogs, but they were given to me. If you ask me, it would be much better if you adopt a pet rather than buying from a pet shop. I was also surprised with Soonshim's story because before she was adopted by Lee Hyo Ri, Soonshim was a severely abused dog which left one of her eyes blind and also she got an infection to her abdominal area, also Soonshim would just wait in front of Hyori's door whenever she is outside, I just tear up when I remember that.

 She is also a vegetarian and is a strong advocate of animal rights in Korea. She is currently in a relationship with Lee Sanghoon, and the last thing I heard is that they are getting married. I'm pretty excited for that and I will surely keep you up to date on that faithful day!

So that's it for today's post! sorry if it took me a while to update since I've been pretty busy with life in general but I will let you know more next time ok?

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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