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Friday, August 23, 2013

*very late post* Make Up Store Event

Hello ladies! I am really sorry I have been MIA for a while. There had just been a lot going on so I wasn't able to blog that much. I promise I will make up for it promise!

If you girls remember I posted a picture a couple of weeks back when I was at The Podium during my week long training for the company I work for.

I wasn't really expecting something to happen since I know that it would just be a regular Friday. But when I dropped by The Body Shop to check out some body butters for my friend I was kind of curious about what is happening to the store next to it. Low and behold I got sucked in a make up store! haha! kidding!

It was actually a free event for everyone to check out. There was a make up demo and also you can check out the products of the store. The store's name is Make Up Store.

I am not joking on you on that part. It is really Make Up Store! Make Up Store actually is a brand that is from Sweden.

Make up Store actually has been in Manila for about a year now. And their first flagship store here in Manila is located in The Podium in Ortigas Center. 

The event mainly is done to show new product releases and also invite beauty enthusiasts to try their products.

Their store is quite small but its complete with all the products you need - from Skin care to make up brushes they have it here. Its a little on the splurge side so I think I will have to hold off buying here but I am planning on trying out their foundations and blushes which are super nice if you ask me.

I actually got a magazine from the store which is filled with tons of make up inspirations. I will try to recreate them if I can soon.

This is the finished look of the model! 

The look that the make up artist (sorry I forgot the name) was inspired with the pictures the model is holding. I like the look since its simple yet it looked glamorous. 

I will keep you girls updated if ever I buy a new product from Make up Store. 

Have you tried their products? What would you recommend me to buy? 

Comments below k? 

Happy Friday! 

I will be updating this blog more this weekend so better check back ok? 

Much Love~ 

xx Alice


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