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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Series: My Favorite Blogger/Youtuber : Ann of

Hey gorgeous ladies! 

I am currently feeling super sick right now so I am really sorry for the lack of posts this past few weeks. 

How have you been doing? I hope you are doing much better than I am right now because I would feel sooo bad if you are sick too. That's how I love you girls ^__^

Even though I have been under the weather, I haven't missed out of reading posts from my favorite bloggers like this bubbly lady I will be featuring right now. 

Ann - the girl behind is one of those ladies that I really liked following. Why you say? because her posts are really informative and I love her milk tea posts and fashion posts. 

I have met Ann several times on events and if you meet her you will be surprised at how bubbly she is! She is I think one of the most bubbliest and loveliest ladies I have met in my life and I would not deny that she has a place in my heart forever.

One really funny incident we had is she was surprised at my age. According to her I look really young which was a nice compliment if you ask me. 

Today also is a special event today for her since its her birthday! 

Happy Birthday Ann! 

I am really blessed to meet a wonderful, funny, and really nice person I hope you have more birthday's to come and more blessings to come! 

Do drop by Ann's blog at 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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