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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Products I've used up

Don't you ever have that feeling on a certain product that you are going to miss it once you've used it up? I know I have! 

I know you can repurchase it but there are some stuff that you can't repurchase especially if they are quite expensive or they are from abroad.

While there are some products that you just want to get rid of. I know I sound bad on that one but I am guilty in doing this because I don't want them on my vanity area that's why I finish them up.

Let's get started shall we?

There is one thing that I really like to achieve is to have great hair. A lot of people say I already have great hair but I want my hair to be healthier. I have dry hair and if I'm really stressed I would also have dandruff as well so I feel that my hair is not that healthy at all.

I've actually used up these products in 3 months tops since I wash my hair almost everyday so may be that's why I've used them up.

The product I really liked is actually the conditioner since it made my hair really manageable even if I don't use a leave on conditioner after my hair has dried up a little. The only problem I have with these products in buying them since I have to order them through a representative.

Now onto body care products.

I only have two products that I've used up. Nowadays I've only used soap for my body and a charcoal soap for my face. I've actually finished these two for the sake of finishing it. Call me a bad person but its the truth.

The Penshoppe body wash was given to me by my brother because he knows I like shower gels but I didn't really liked it.

The Samantha cracked heel lotion did gave my feet a smooth feel but it didn't really healed my cracked heel. I still like it but I think I will just stick with my regular lotion.

And finally to the fragrances.

This was one part that I don't really want to let go because the scents here remind me of a certain memory that is really special to me. But unfortunately I've used it all up so I just have to accept it.

My most favorite out of the three would be Love to Flirt simply because most of my female AND male friends like this. I was simply impressed because my male friends are more picky than my female friends so that makes a whole lot of ease to me since I don't have to change my scent when I meet up with them.

Thank you so much for reading you girls! Always remember that when you have used up a product and you really like it, you can just repurchase it or look for an alternative.

I will do an update for sure so please do read more :)

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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