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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Product Review: iWhite Korea Whitening Pack

Skin care is an important key if you want to have great looking make up. Having a smooth canvas to work on will actually make your masterpiece more beautiful.

One of the things I remember my Korean friends telling me is you'll never go wrong with face masks. May it be in a face sheet mask or peel off form these can help you achieve that beautiful skin you always wanted. That is why I got addicted to them in the first place.

In using face masks you have to consider your needs in order to have the full effect for your skin.

Nowadays my face has been looking dull and lifeless - caused by lack of sleep, stress and other factors. So I really make it a habit to apply some face mask on to revive my skin.

One mask I have been using recently is iWhite Korea's Whitening Peel off mask. I know for a fact that I don't need a whitening mask anymore since I have fair skin. But this whitening peel off mask does more than what it says it would.

One of the things I saw at the pack is it revitalizes, cleanses and also enhances my skin. I love that idea since a lot of pinays experience having dull skin once or twice in their lives.

This product can actually be bought in any convenience store - even at Watson's! priced at around 15-22 php (depending on the store) for a sachet, but if you ask me it would be much better if you buy the full tube which is around 199php.

The product is a thick white cream which actually reminds me more of a thick lotion than a face mask. Its quite sticky though so if you apply this, it would be best to have a clean make up brush or a cosmetic spatula for a cleaner and even application. Let the product set for 15-20 minutes then peel off the product. There are times that I let the face mask on overnight, but I would not recommend that to every one since it could have adverse effect on the user.

One thing I notice about this product is its great to use if you want to get rid of your white heads and blackheads. Its quite a problem to take them off since sometimes its going to be a painful experience especially is you applied them near your brows or at the sides of the face. I've had some instances that I yelped in pain because some of my brows got caught in the mask.

Nonetheless I like the product since it has removed my whiteheads and made my skin look more alive.

- cheap
- affordable
- makes the skin smooth and soft afterwards
- use as an overnight pack
- did not break me out

- its very messy to apply
- its not good to use if you dont like your face to feel constricted.


I like this product. Not really something I would go gaga for but I think its a dependable product to use.

Will I repurchase again?

Of course I would. It definitely helps my skin to look more beautiful.

Who do I recommend this to?

If you have the patience of waiting for a face mask to set and not be afraid of looking like a ghost - this is definitely for you!

What face mask have you been using lately?

Let me know on the comments section below I would love to know :)

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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