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Friday, August 30, 2013

Kpop Friday: Kpop Fans Can Relate

Hey lovelies! 

I know that I haven't done a Kpop Friday in a while and I miss doing this! Seriously I have been out of the loop for a while but I hope you are still there! ^__^

As a Kpop Fan there are a LOT of things that we go through everyday which also involves Kpop. I know that there are actually more crazier than me when it comes to Kpop. What I mean by crazy is how they are deeply immersed to it.

I remember when I first started liking Kpop - hence without my own computer and oblivious of the internet, I was just on my own in my room on a weekend with my TV stuck only on one channel - 

Arirang TV

That was the only Korean channel we had on our cable that time (don't judge). But seriously I learned heaps of information about Korea and of course Kpop! 

I learned about Korean food, Fashion, Culture and KPOP! 

I have been a Kpop fan for thirteen years. 


Thirteen years...I am so old if you ask me. I was able to see H.O.T's somewhat overly gel hair, Shinwha Oppas super sexy dance, G.O.D very soulful and heart breaking yet somewhat heart warming way singing to 'Lies' (which I still know the lyrics!) and Sechskies - which I STILL don't know to this day how to pronounce their name. 

I also came to love S.E.S - my most favorite Eugene! Fin.k.l I remember my eonni Hyori is here! Chakra - the girls that I think is the female version of H.O.T in terms of outfits and Baby V.O.X where Eun yoon he is here! then became somewhat depressed when I found these groups have disbanded. :(

You know how it feels right? Here are some other things Kpop fans can relate. ENJOY~ 

Seriously these are just a fraction of what we do on a daily basis. I think also working as an Online English teacher for Koreans had made my fascination to Kpop and Korean culture become stronger.

If you can relate to these things let me know on the comments section below! 

I'd love to meet other Kpop and Korean culture fanatics!

Have a happy weekend! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice  


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