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Friday, August 9, 2013

Bing of Project Awesome's Meet and Greet

Sorry this post is quite late. Now let's go to the post shall we?

Last Saturday, August 3 I was able to attend Bing of Project Awesome Meet and Greet. 

I was really happy that I was able to attend because I really want to meet this awesome lady. If you guys don't know her you are missing a lot for sure. 

If you girls watch my vlog (and also have subscribed ^__^) you would probably know that the event was held at Tivoli Residences at Mandaluyong which is also where the showroom of Glory of New York is.

The event started quite late because of the weather. It was raining on some parts of the Metro that day which was such a not good thing, but thankfully majority of the participants were able to attend.

The event started of course with introductions of Bing where she started in terms of her blogging and youtube channel. She also discussed skin care and also basic make up tools she would recommend.  It was quite fun listening to Bing since we have a lot of things in common. 

Then after that was eating time! haha! sorry no food porn pics.. will just post that on my personal page LOL (sakim much *evil laugh* haha! )

After that is foundation application and also concealing. There was actually TONS of things I can say about this since she discussed a lot of details about this area.

I was really surprised the Bing really didn't miss any detail in her demo which can really help make up enthusiasts such as myself.

There was also a lot of laughter during her demo because of her punchlines. Seriously Bing in person is really different on her online persona which was surprising :)

If you ask me what is the part I really like the most it would definitely be how to fix the brows. I won't come clean with my now sparse/slightly bushy brows because its such a chore getting them into shape. I know you would agree. That is why sometimes I skip this step in my tutorials, but don't worry I won't skip them on my next tutorials :D 

I was also able to meet Joyce Sola of CandyArtLove and she is so pretty! I swear when I saw her walked in I was quite for a couple of minutes because she was THAT pretty. 

Here is some other pictures I've taken of the sponsors.

Glory of New York Skin care! I swear I will be tightening my belt to get a full set! They are soo big that it would take you at least a year to finish them. 

I was also able to visit the show room of Glory of New York after the event so here are some of the pictures I took. I actually have some that I am thinking of purchasing..if you could spot them that means you know me too well XD.

There were also some games in which some lucky ladies *Ehem* Madam Quota Joyce calling LOL
won gift packs and also the lucky 20 winners. 

The owner of Glory of New York also gave a special gift near the end of the program in which it contains a full set of the Glory of New York skincare PLUS 14 lippies. I was really lucky to get one of the lippies. I will do a swatch of it soon so be sure to check it out ^__^

Here are the prices I got from event. Its not a lot but the experience itself was enough for me. 

To all that I've met: Yuki, Eyz, Sarah, Madam Joyce, Marissa, Marie, Sandy, Ms. Joyce, and of course Bing 

It is really an honor to meet all of you girls. If I didn't mention your name I am really sorry my brain is not functioning much in remembering names but I know all your faces so if ever we meet again in an event or just somewhere don't hesitate to call out my name or hug me. I really love meeting new people that I have something in common with. To those that have my number text text nalang! :D

Lastly I would like to thank as well all of Bing's sponsors in this event

Glory of New York Philippines
BC Fragrance
Kering Keri store
Lipstick all you can
The Primp Store
Queen B
Stuff n' Shop
Virginia Olsen
PROPS tools and Cosmetics
Beauty Cosmetics

Were you at the event?

Comment below! Happy Friday!

Expect more posts this coming weekend because I will be doing LOTS of posts :D

Much Love!

xx Alice


Arrienne said... [Reply]

Such a wonderful experience alice! Way to got!! Do a review of the BB cream ha! Mwahh!

Traveliztera said... [Reply]

Awww it's Bing! :)

Got to watch your video too. =) Looks like it was indeed fun! Hope you get to have your M & G too!

- Steph of / mshypersinger

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