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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WU! Fest 2013 Lowdown!

Last July 6 I went to A. Venue in Makati to join WU! Fest 2013.

A little background about WU! Fest.

Wu! Manila is actually the brains behind this event. Its a yearly activity to showcase anything and everything about Manila.

The event actually started about Lunch time in which there were a lot of booths you can visit from food, booze to activity booths. There were booths from Bistecca which has the yummiest beef and mashed potatoes ever!

There was also some games prepared by the organizers like the Mojo challenge which you have to shoot some sand bags and by the end of the event they will raffle a cash prize who were able to succeed with the challenge. There was also the Sumo Challenge in which I did take part of in which I won! The prize was a free drink and also their Mojo Booster. Will do a post about their booster drink on my food blog so watch out for it!

There was also a Sprinto booth!

Sprinto is an eye wear brand that carries different designs from aviators to sports eye wear. I was thinking of purchasing a couple but then I don't have my card with me (LESSON LEARNED: BRING YOUR CARD WHENEVER POSSIBLE!)

There were performances by Turbo Goth, December Avenue and tons more! It was an all day event thankfully it didn't rain that day.

I was able to see an upcoming brand Naughty Ninja and their owner that offers these really cool bracelets that is perfect for concerts and events.

If you have a penchant for motorcycles and ladies they had a photo op with some ladies from Hooters and also Harley-Davidson.

The event was graced as well by Mad Dogs, A group of bikers for a cause. They do drives to provide for orphanages.

There was also an after party courtesy of Hooters. There were overflowing of drinks and great people, I was able to meet the guys of Island Media Asia. I will do a separate post about them so if you have some questions for them care to comment below!

I would also like to thank Wazzup Pilipinas for the opportunity to go here as well! Don't forget to drop by Wazzup Pilipinas for the latest events in the Metro!

Were you at WU! Fest as well? What booth did you enjoy the most?

Much Love!

xx Alice


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