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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Would You Like to Fall in Love with 2ne1's Falling in Love?

Hello lovelies! 

 As you may know I am a HUGE Blackjack fan so when news came out that 2ne1 will be coming back I was jumping up and down like a little girl in a hello kitty store (no offense Barbie I just prefer Hello Kitty than you

I heard that YG also promised that they will be seeing more of 2ne1 during the promotion which means they will be on TV a lot~! the sheer love of seeing CL, Minzy, Dara and Dear Bommie just makes my heart flutter with joy because I will be seeing them again! 

Their newest song Falling in Love is supposed to be a different one than their previous ones mainly because its a reggae one! I've heard them do a reggae version of I Don't Care way back so I was expecting more than that. So last July 8 I was quite excited to see their MV on my youtube channel and quickly watched the video. Here's what I think about it. 

The video basically starts out with 2ne1 being in this Pharoah-esque background which kind of looked that they are in a palace of sorts. I was thinking that they are goddesses - in which they are in my heart. 

Then switches to a dance sequence, they off to these Korean actors. I don't know their name but I have seen them to refresh my memory dear kpop buddies? 

Then it switches from dance sequences to being in the pharoah-esque setting then it ends with them dancing with the Korean guys playing ball.

I am not that good in fine combing a MV so just try to think about what I said..

Now on to the video!

The video is quite simple in terms of the background. There wasn't any SFx which is quite normal in their videos. I wasn't really impressed with the background of the beach sequence. It basically looked really fake. The dance sequence was quite entertaining since its quite laid back but it lacked the kick that usually 2ne1 has on their routines.

Song-wise I was surprised because seriously I didn't think that Dara would have the rasta flava in her. I was like DAMN GIRL YOU GOT SOME FLAVA IN YAH! 

The rhythm is really good that it will stick to your head even after the song. The song actually reminds me of a sweet memory I had during Summer which makes this a great song to play for Summer!

Its upbeat yet laid back which is really good to listen to during Summer.

I know Summer is long gone here in Manila but as far as I remember even during the monsoon season we have bouts of sun and heat waves so I think I could still listen to this song during a hot day at work.


What do you think about this song'? or about 2ne1 in general?

Let me know on the comments section below.

Happy Saturday!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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