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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Someone Sent Me a Package!

Hello girls! 

I have been in youtube for about 4 years now and I know there had been different videos of other youtubers saying that they have received packages just because. 

I do know that there are people that are so kind to do that but I never believed I would be one of those ladies! 

Last week, I received an email from Dang or BrascaMargaux on youtube telling me how much she didn't like me at first but had grown to love me. I know its pretty weird but that is what she said! :D 

Then at the latter part of her email she said she would like to send me some items just because. I was totally floored when she said that. My only reaction was

TALAGA?~!?!?! (REALLY!?!?)

I am quite a skeptic but I still believed in her words and sent her my mailing address. I wasn't really expecting what she would be sending me. I was thinking she would just send me a couple of lipsticks or something (nag expect pa rin lol)

And she sent me these! (look at the picture above)

For some its just a normal loot but for me its definitely more than what I think I need. I was in total shock when I saw these because some were from my favorite brand -- Victoria Secret!

You can watch the haul video here. For some reason I can't link it here (bummer)

And here is the letter that Dang included in the package.

Again thank you Dang for the gift I really love them - Especially the butterfly coin purse! Hope to meet you soon! :) 

Much love! 

xx Alice 


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