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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Collective Haul 2013


I am back with a new haul! 

I've actually put myself on my shopping haul I can't help it. Sometimes banning yourself will actually make you buy more so I told myself not to deprive myself anymore. Its just that. 

Okay on the products! I will just post them individually ok? The prices will also be noted :) 

Wet and Wild intuitive blend shade adjusting foundation + Primer. 
Price: 600 PHP (Approximately 13.68 USD)
Bought this: Natasha catalogue. 
As of posting, I actually lost this. I feel like a total idiot now if you ask me. I actually don't know where I lost it. I will buy a new one soon to review. I have used this thrice but I will still make a review once I bought a new one.

Olay Professional Pro X Intensive Treatment Mask. 
Price: ???

This was given by my mom the other week. I've tried it and I will post a review about this soon so watch out for it. ^_^

iWhite Korea Whitening Pack
Price: ???

With the Olay face mask, I also got this. Review will be up soon!

Garnier Pure Self Heating Sauna Mask. 
Price: ???

This was actually something my mom want me to use since it good for oily skin. And also she told me I will be able to handle it because she can't (LOL) I will tell you more on an upcoming review post.

iWhite Korea Nose Pack 
Price: ???

This one actually is my favorite to use when I have those stubborn black heads. Review will be up soon!

Fashion 21 Fine Mineral Blush and Ultimate Minerals blush in pinched pink 
Price: 155 php (approx 3.58 USD) 130 php (approx 3.01 USD)
Bought: SM Department Store / bought on a blog sale. 

I actually got the maybelline blush too, but unfortunately I lost that as well *sigh* I am beginning to experience the signs of aging :(

Cover Girl Smoothers All Day Hydrating Make up and Garnier BB eye roll on 
Prices: 260 php (approx 6 USD) 256 (approx 6 USD )
Bought this: Blog sale / Sundance catalogue.

I actually forgot the site I bought this from. I mainly bought the covergirl smoothers for my mom since she likes to use my foundations which is really not fit for her skin color. She has a darker shades than I do about three shades darker than me. Then with the BB eye roll on, I just ordered it because I don't see a lot of review about it. I will do a review soon as well :) 

Deoprose Special Water Plus Skin care. 
Price: ???

I actually got this when I visited a store in West Ave. I was quite curious about it so why not try it right?  I will let you know soon :) 

Miss Me Cole Bed and Butter 
Price: 90 php 

I got this mainly because my mom bought it for me. I mainly use this for my dry feet. I know really gross but I do need something to moisturize it at night. I will let you know soon about this. 

Human Heart Nature SunFlower Beauty Oil 
Price: ???

Seriously I forgot how much this is. I will just link Human Heart Nature's site so you can check it there. I have actually been using this more of a make up remover and hair oil. Review will be up soon! :) 

Colour Collection Ultimate wear lipsticks in 
Love me, kiss & Tell, Plum promise,and Hot summer.
Price: 199 PHP /each  

I bought these mainly because they were new. You know how much I love lippies right? These were priced at 199php each but now they are prized at 350 each. This will definitely have a review up soon! I've actually seen a post by Shen of Shen's Addiction about these! Hope you check hers and tell her I sent you! :D 

Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks in Off Beat Pink and Scarlet
Priced: 155 each

And Lastly, I bought two more shades of the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink and Scarlet. I was really happy when I bought these since I have been hoping to get them for the longest time, I just didn't have a lot of time (and money) then. I know lame excuse but now I got them! yey!

Hope you like this post!

What product do you like the most? Comment below!

xx Alice 


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