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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Being Interviewed on Radio About Being a Blogger

I think in a person's life we have specific highlights of our lives which is something that we take pride on. 

I think this one is a definite part of the highlights in my life. 

Last Sunday, June 30, 2013 I was invited to be interviewed on radio. I never really expected that this will happen to me but I am thankful.

I was interviewed on DZIQ 990AM Radio Inquirer's program Pera at Kabuhayan. I was supposed to be  interviewed for only 30 minutes but I was really surprised that they interviewed me for 1 hour! 

Being a MassComm graduate, I know that radio broadcasting - especially in tandems or groups, there should be chemistry and also harmony in thought. It needs a smooth blend of thoughts from the hosts that makes the program enjoyable to listen to. 

Pera and Kabuhayan is really nice since they talk about topics that talk about career, business, investment and the likes. They do have segments that help their listeners learn things like how to invest properly and some tips to save some money. 

Please do listen to their program to learn more. 

Have a safe weekend! 

x Alice 


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