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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Busy Girl's Must Have - An Organizer!

Being a Full Time ESL Teacher/ Part time Make Up Artist and Blogger can be quite hectic - you better believe it!

With my full time job and part time combined, its a chaotic disaster, thankfully I have an organizer to keep me..well...organized!

My current organizer is from Sophie Paris when I attended their event last year. I know its a freebie but I can't resist it. The fun of this organizer is it has a HUGE columns per day so you can write any of your appointments or just random dabble and doodles. 

Its a soft bound type so it has already the wear and tear from the previous six months I have been using it. Thankfully it hasn't given up on me. I like that it looks like a notebook I had when I was in college so that I can just write on what I needed to do on a specific day.

If you can still see my writing you can see how bad it is haha! I actually have some events lined up so I am pretty sure I will be wound up pretty bad this weekend. I did promised my mom that I will stop attending events this July since I need to help out fixing my soon-to-be room.. after eight years of staying in one room with my mother, father (when he was still here) and my lola I am finally getting my own room! Yey! 

I will show you the floor plan soon once I've finished making it. I will also serve as my office/make up room.

Having an organizer does help out if you have a tight schedule.

What's your current organizer? Make sure to share a picture on my Facebook page!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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