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Friday, July 26, 2013

Product Review: Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder

Happy Friday lovely ladies! 

I haven't blogged for a while because I experienced some weird allergy that hindered me in shooting tutorials (bummer) Luckily all the nasties have subsided so its no problemo.

While I was having the nasties, I actually tried to stop using all skin care product and also make up but I can't because I need to look put up at work. So I settled in just using eye brow pencil, lipstick and powder. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sprinto at WU Fest 2013

WU! Manila, a new magazine in town has officially launched its brand through WU Fest 2013. 
As what they always say, whether you're fresh off the plane or a balikbayan rediscovering your beloved birthplace, WU! is here to help you find out Whats Up in Manila. Or should we say, what's awesome about Manila! And that's what they did! They've promoted anything and everything awesome about Manila through remarkable entertainment such as the bamboo bike display, yummy food -- not necessarily all Filipino but the hospitality made all the difference, and live music from talented Filipino underground artists.

And speaking of awesomeness; one booth in the said fest that caught everyone's attention is the Sprinto booth that sells awesome collection of shades. The standouts would be their Manila, Tokyo, and a new model with wood temple called Shenzhen.

Sprinto is fast gaining popularity in Manila because of its stylish yet functional collection of shades through its iDefine polarized lens and iShock polycarbonate lens features. According to its Marketing Director, Pawlo Misolas, “We believe that shades should be fashionable, protective and affordable and I think that we’ve got the right balance of all three.”

He also adds that the mid-range shades segment is good for fashion.

“The fashion awareness for sunglasses in the Philippines is on the rise.  It used to be you bought one pair of expensive glasses and that was it.  I think consumers are becoming smarter nowadays.”

“If you can buy a quality pair of shades that’s fashionable at half the price, that allows you to open up to more options.  It just makes fashion sense.”

So just like WU's objective of finding something awesome; Sprinto is definitely one fashion find in Manila that you can't afford to miss!

Presently, Sprinto shades are available in major fashion hubs such as Manila, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Watch out for more Sprinto international hubs nearest you.

Never Think Twice!
Much Love~! 
xx Alice 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Product Review: Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil

Sunflowers or Fleur de Soleil in French is a very beautiful flower. Seeing a myriad of these is quite a scene for me if you ask me since I only get to see them when I go running in UP Diliman. 

Besides from the aesthetic value did you know that sunflower can be used for medicinal and to beautify our skin? I didn't really believe it but as of checking it out sunflowers can alleviate constipation and reduce "bad" cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. 

Besides from its medicinal properties, Sunflower oil in general can also be used in our skin! 

Some of the things it can do is fasten the healing properties of wounds, soften the skin and also be a great make up remover. 

I am currently using Human Nature's Sunflower oil which my mom got me a couple of months back. I didn't really expect much since I know that I will just use this as a make up remover but I was dead wrong. I actually tried this product out with its claims. 

Some of its claims are: 

1. Helps soften and lighten underarms 
2. Helps lighten dark spots & pimple marks 
3. Under eye moisturizer 
4. Helps prevent & diminish the appearance of stretch marks 
5. Helps lighten dark under eye circles 
6. Softens feet soles, knees & elbows 
7. Removes stubborn makeup 
8. Overall body moisturizer 
9. Helps diminish fine lines around the eyes 
10. Helps soften cuticles and dry skin 
11. Makes skin glow and helps keep it youthful 
12. Helps relax tired, puffy eyes 
13. Helps relieve itch & redness caused by insect bites 
14. Nourishes & conditions eyelashes 
15. Helps lighten dark lips 
16. Adds shine to dull hair 
17. Helps ease dry & itchy scalp 
18. Helps improve skin condition after sunburn 
19. Smoothens dry, rough skin from shaving  
20. Helps calm skin & ease rashes 
21. Helps relieve symptoms of skin infections 
22. Helps hydrate dry patches on face 
23. Helps lighten lesions and scars 

Quite a lot right? 

It comes in a 50mL and 100mL. The 50mL is sold for 149.75 PHP while the 100mL is sold for 274.75PHP which is quite cheap. 

This is also packed with vitamins A,D, and E that will help moisturize and nourish our skin for a healthier glow without the parabens and other harmful chemicals. 

The oil actually looks just like any other oils. It does have a certain scent, I'm not sure if its just me and my weird nose but there is a distinct scent in the oil but the longer you use it, you will definitely get over that scent. 

Packaging wise, I like that it is in a clear bottle with a pump so you can easily dispense the product without spillage. You can also see how much product is left. The oil is quite potent so one to two pumps is good. 

Quick beauty trick:

If you want softer skin, apply this on your face and let it sit for at least 1 to 2 minutes then proceed with washing your face and afterwards you will feel your face to be softer and smoother!

Let's proceed with the Pros and Cons k?

What I like about this product:
- Did not break me out. 
- Great Packaging
- Really potent
- Really removes stubborn make up 
- Cheap!
- Doesn't leave the skin greasy. 
- Proudly Pinoy!

What I don't like about this product: 
- There are only certain places that sell this product. 
- Has weird smell. 
- If you are lazy to remove your make up, This is not for you.

My Verdict? 

I do like it! I love it more as a make up remover and as a pre facial wash treatment, I haven't tried it for its other properties so I guess I will just do an update soon. 

Will I repurchase?

I think I will but I can't say it yet since I want to try other make up removers in the market. But as a pre facial treatment I will definitely do! 

Who do I recommend this to?

I would recommend this to those that are conscious of what they put into their skin. If you want a natural product that is proudly made here in the Philippines this is a definite buy!

Have you tried this product? What do you think about it? Let me know what you think about it on the comments section below :) 

Have a safe Monday ahead! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Catch Quentin Mosimann in Manila this August!

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

Beaux? Bonne?

J'espère que vous avez une bonne journée pour l'instant!

How is my French skills? is it épouvantable or agréable? 

I am practicing my French because I will be meeting an incredible performer soon. It will be his first time here in Manila so I think I need to polish up my French just in case (kidding!)

Who is this person I'm talking about? Its Quentin Mosimann! 

For the first time, the singer, model, performer, DJ Producer will be coming to Asia for his live tour!

Quentin Mosimann is ranked #74 in the Top 100 DJ last 2012 (from DJ Mag), he is also the 5th best French DJ in the world plus he was elected for the French Revalation 2013 (Fun Radio Dance Event). 

Aside from his DJ stints, he is also a DJ for Fun Radio and a coach on "The Voice" in Belgium. His current producing skills are "I DRUM YOU" and "Pogo Pogo". 

Get a taste of his live performance here:

Witness this all star DJ LIVE IN MANILA this August 2, Friday at Palladium, Makati! 

Don’t miss it! I will definitely be there. 

For more information contact Palladium at:
Tel.: 576-8479 / 0917-5813572

Palladium is located at:

Driveway Entrance, New World Hotel
Makati, Esperanza Street corner Makati Ave.,
Ayala Center, Makati City

Like Palladium on  Facebook :
Follow Palladium on   Twitter :

See you there!

xx Alice 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Would You Like to Fall in Love with 2ne1's Falling in Love?

Hello lovelies! 

 As you may know I am a HUGE Blackjack fan so when news came out that 2ne1 will be coming back I was jumping up and down like a little girl in a hello kitty store (no offense Barbie I just prefer Hello Kitty than you

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Someone Sent Me a Package!

Hello girls! 

I have been in youtube for about 4 years now and I know there had been different videos of other youtubers saying that they have received packages just because. 

I do know that there are people that are so kind to do that but I never believed I would be one of those ladies! 

Last week, I received an email from Dang or BrascaMargaux on youtube telling me how much she didn't like me at first but had grown to love me. I know its pretty weird but that is what she said! :D 

Then at the latter part of her email she said she would like to send me some items just because. I was totally floored when she said that. My only reaction was

TALAGA?~!?!?! (REALLY!?!?)

I am quite a skeptic but I still believed in her words and sent her my mailing address. I wasn't really expecting what she would be sending me. I was thinking she would just send me a couple of lipsticks or something (nag expect pa rin lol)

And she sent me these! (look at the picture above)

For some its just a normal loot but for me its definitely more than what I think I need. I was in total shock when I saw these because some were from my favorite brand -- Victoria Secret!

You can watch the haul video here. For some reason I can't link it here (bummer)

And here is the letter that Dang included in the package.

Again thank you Dang for the gift I really love them - Especially the butterfly coin purse! Hope to meet you soon! :) 

Much love! 

xx Alice 

Tenisha Live in Manila Event

Hello ladies! 

Last July 6, I was able to attend Tenisha Live in Manila over at Seventh High in Bonifacio Global City. The event was basically as a pre party for 1 Music Festival that will be held in Singapore this September 20 and 21 2013.

As part of the celebration, Seventh High was able to have Tenishia, the most successful DJ/ Producer in Malta to perform last Saturday! 

Tenishia is an acclaimed and multi awarded internation DJ that had garnered awards at the Malta Awards such as Best Newcomer in 2005, Best Live Performance 2005, and Best Dance Tune Award for three years in a row. Talk about achievement right?

I was expecting a big crowd and there was a huge crowd that came! Its been a while since I went clubbing so I was quite conscious about it. But thankfully the people at Seveth high were very nice and accommodating that even if you go alone you will surely have a good time! BUT PLEASE its much better to go with your friends ok?

I really had fun at Seventh High and I am actually thinking of going back soon.

Who wants to join me?

I'm thinking of holding a night out with some lucky ladies soon so if you are interested you can comment below or drop me an email so we could get in touch.

If you want to experience Seventh High you can get in touch with them on 09178640519 for Guest List and also to reserve a table at Seveth High. 

Hope to see you there soon! :)

Much Love!

xx Alice  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WU! Fest 2013 Lowdown!

Last July 6 I went to A. Venue in Makati to join WU! Fest 2013.

A little background about WU! Fest.

Wu! Manila is actually the brains behind this event. Its a yearly activity to showcase anything and everything about Manila.

The event actually started about Lunch time in which there were a lot of booths you can visit from food, booze to activity booths. There were booths from Bistecca which has the yummiest beef and mashed potatoes ever!

There was also some games prepared by the organizers like the Mojo challenge which you have to shoot some sand bags and by the end of the event they will raffle a cash prize who were able to succeed with the challenge. There was also the Sumo Challenge in which I did take part of in which I won! The prize was a free drink and also their Mojo Booster. Will do a post about their booster drink on my food blog so watch out for it!

There was also a Sprinto booth!

Sprinto is an eye wear brand that carries different designs from aviators to sports eye wear. I was thinking of purchasing a couple but then I don't have my card with me (LESSON LEARNED: BRING YOUR CARD WHENEVER POSSIBLE!)

There were performances by Turbo Goth, December Avenue and tons more! It was an all day event thankfully it didn't rain that day.

I was able to see an upcoming brand Naughty Ninja and their owner that offers these really cool bracelets that is perfect for concerts and events.

If you have a penchant for motorcycles and ladies they had a photo op with some ladies from Hooters and also Harley-Davidson.

The event was graced as well by Mad Dogs, A group of bikers for a cause. They do drives to provide for orphanages.

There was also an after party courtesy of Hooters. There were overflowing of drinks and great people, I was able to meet the guys of Island Media Asia. I will do a separate post about them so if you have some questions for them care to comment below!

I would also like to thank Wazzup Pilipinas for the opportunity to go here as well! Don't forget to drop by Wazzup Pilipinas for the latest events in the Metro!

Were you at WU! Fest as well? What booth did you enjoy the most?

Much Love!

xx Alice

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bring your music everywhere with the Philips SoundDot

My daily routine would usually to Get up, clean my room, shower, go to work, work, then go home and sleep, and eat in between. 

These are activities we’ve turned into a routine everyday—give or take a few parties and/or vacations if you may. Wouldn't it be great if we do these things in a different way? Like having an mp3 player that you could bring anywhere to enjoy the music that you like.

It's actually quite possible with Philips SoundDot. According to Ms. Poi San Mok, Philips Marketing Manager, The SoundDot can be used for almost any activity.

With it's compact package and with an advanced yet delightfully simple design, making it a reliable mp3 player that’s small in size but big on fun. All youhave to do is to clip it on or slip it into your pocket and it won’t bother you at all. Being designed for convenience, these mp3 players are equipped with LED and
sound indicators for swift navigation. Each SoundDot includes a built-in clip for hands-free use, and also lets you enjoy up to 6 hours of music playback it also has a FastCharge feature also allows you to charge the SoundDot for 6 minutes which is equivalent to 60 minutes of play. That is about one playlist worth of tracks for me!

The entire range also comes with a Songbird program that lets you manage your music easily.
The range is comprised of the following models with different vibrant colors to choose from: blue,  pink, and in white.

If you like to work out, the SoundDot can be your partner since it's been designed to withstand any kind of activity as well as bad weather. This comes also with an armband and clip so you wont have to hold your mp3 while working out. 

This also comes with a sports headphones that will secure in your ears comfortably.

This is definitely a product you must try if you want a small compact mp3 to accompany you through the day.

The Philips SoundDot is now available in major electrical and gadget stores.

Much love! 

xx Alice 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Being Interviewed on Radio About Being a Blogger

I think in a person's life we have specific highlights of our lives which is something that we take pride on. 

I think this one is a definite part of the highlights in my life. 

Last Sunday, June 30, 2013 I was invited to be interviewed on radio. I never really expected that this will happen to me but I am thankful.

I was interviewed on DZIQ 990AM Radio Inquirer's program Pera at Kabuhayan. I was supposed to be  interviewed for only 30 minutes but I was really surprised that they interviewed me for 1 hour! 

Being a MassComm graduate, I know that radio broadcasting - especially in tandems or groups, there should be chemistry and also harmony in thought. It needs a smooth blend of thoughts from the hosts that makes the program enjoyable to listen to. 

Pera and Kabuhayan is really nice since they talk about topics that talk about career, business, investment and the likes. They do have segments that help their listeners learn things like how to invest properly and some tips to save some money. 

Please do listen to their program to learn more. 

Have a safe weekend! 

x Alice 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Social Media Weekend 2013

Hello dear lovelies! I know this post is kinda late so please forgive me..

Last Saturday, I was able to attend the Social Media Weekend 2013 in glorietta. The main purpose of this is to celebrate the help of social media to the world. 

Social media is basically the online community that we are part of. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Blogs and other social media networks! 

A Busy Girl's Must Have - An Organizer!

Being a Full Time ESL Teacher/ Part time Make Up Artist and Blogger can be quite hectic - you better believe it!

With my full time job and part time combined, its a chaotic disaster, thankfully I have an organizer to keep me..well...organized!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hair Fixes: Fine Hair

Hello ladies! 

How is your Thursday? I hope you are having a good one so far. 

Having fine hair is something that I like but hate at the same time. Kind of confusing don't you think? 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Collective Haul 2013


I am back with a new haul! 

I've actually put myself on my shopping haul I can't help it. Sometimes banning yourself will actually make you buy more so I told myself not to deprive myself anymore. Its just that. 

Okay on the products! I will just post them individually ok? The prices will also be noted :) 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Seventh HIGH's back to back events for July

Hello ladies! happy Monday! how was your weekend? were you able to get some R&R? 

I had a great weekend if you ask me but I will share that to you in another post. CLUE: Its SUPER special! definitely a first for me! :)

Goodbye Google Reader Hello Bloglovin!

Hello gorgeous ladies! I am back!

As most of you who use Google Reader probably would know that this service will be ending today. With that you will lose the list of blogs you follow. But don't fret! you can import your list on blog lovin!

Here's how you can transfer the blogs that you follow.

Be sure to Follow my blog with Bloglovin

See you there!

Much Love!

xx Alice
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